Friday, March 18, 2016


But his victims will never receive restitution. An article in the Niagara Falls Review tells of a fraudster named Robert Rawlings, who fleeced a number of people who thought he was investing their money in his extensive network of holdings all over the world. He was small potatoes compared to a local resident, one Gary Fraser, who was convicted of scamming over $2 million from his family and friends. 

HERE is an article to refresh everyone on a man who has been buying property in town and then letting it sit, unused or, in the case of the property on Queen's Circle, demolishing it altogether. Not content to acquire a lot of property in the Crystal Beach/Ridgeway area through "syndicated mortgages," he has apparently branched out into 'cottage country" up north.

Remember this? A once stately historic building at Queen's Circle in Crystal Beach was stripped, then razed after it was purchased by one of the many companies associated with Gary Fraser.

The former Pines Restaurant; Mia's Antiques; numerous cottages and properties have been purchased through syndicated mortgages by various Fraser-connected companies. The seemingly stalled development on Schooley Road in Crystal Beach is also connected to Fraser and his wife.

It took years of effort to rejuvenate The Beach after the CB Amusement Park closed, especially the main business district. Now that Fraser has arrived, the main drag, Erie Road, is starting to look again like it did in the 1990s: boarded up, abandoned buildings and empty cottages.

We have been warning people of this convicted fraudster for a while now.  Whatever his agenda is, it does not seem to be for the benefit of the town.