Tuesday, January 7, 2014


OK. I admit it. There is something very provocative about watching and listening to a major storm, especially the local media coverage. This week's storm brings back memories of the Blizzard of '77 to us old-timers. Comparisons are always made to that Perfect Storm.  This one is just as fierce - at least from what I've seen and heard. Since I can only see from my windows (not taking my car out in this!) it looks nasty out there.  Again, the memories come back. In 1977, two of my brothers were Buffalo firefighters. Both remained on duty for days as it was "all hands" and some relievers could not make it in to work. Same with my friends at the telephone company.  Had a couple of overnight guests during that storm; workers sick of the cots provided at the nearby telephone office.  Luckily I had plenty of food on hand and a neighbour threw together an impromptu pot luck party that was a lot of fun.  However, others were not so lucky. There were many deaths. I certainly hope that this storm leaves no tragedies in its wake.

So, I tuned in a Buffalo AM station to listen to "Storm Porn."  I lapped it up (between frequent power outages.)  Maybe it's because this is truly a shared experience that it is so addictive. Maybe it's just the early stages of cabin fever. Whatever it is, I cannot turn away from it. I enjoy hearing about other people's experiences and challenges to get to work or home. In Western New York, most communities have instituted a driving ban. Let's hope that it is obeyed. Many times, fools venture out and run into problems, putting more stress on already overloaded emergency crews. Finally, the Sabres Game scheduled for tonight has been cancelled.  Took them most of the day to finally come to the realization that hockey fans would come out, despite warnings and danger, if there was a game. 

Another guilty pleasure is reading the other blog and watching the idjits losing their minds over the cancellation of the Bay Beach Project. (They have now jumped ahead in their Seven Stages of Grief to Anger.)  Attacks on me have progressed to the point that I'm somehow a suspect in the fire that destroyed a former councillor's house.  These guys do not understand that people other than themselves have sources of news.  Note to ninjas: I have actually worked as a writer/reporter/editor for a Buffalo community newspaper as well as freelanced for local publications here in Canada. Someone calls me with a news flash and I sometimes "cover it" as I did when Whitfield's house burned down.  BTW, what is the final determination about the fire?  The fire marshal certainly performed an intensive investigation into the fire.

Next Monday will be the court date for the four councillors. I have a feeling that the case will be dismissed.  Just a feeling. Talk about vexatious lawsuits. Doug Martin should be ashamed that he put together such a mean-spirited suit.  The mayor-by-five-votes is a poor loser; doesn't like having a council that doesn't follow in lock step. Despite the negativity directed at the four councillors, a lot of people still support them. In fact, the only complaint I hear is that the four did not come down hard enough on people like Jim Thibert from the get-go.

Oh well, back to Storm Porn.  Stay warm and well everyone!