Monday, July 28, 2014



Bullet News is reporting that the sale of the racetrack will be finalized in the next few days.

We already mentioned that Thibert has followed the Sarah Palin Play Book by going to the press with his story of being plotted against by members of the current council.  This is the guy that decided to sue Councillor Lubberts for conflict of interest on behalf of himself. Bwah. In another Palinesque move, Thibert has taken to Facebook to announce the forthcoming sale of the race track lands to a Buffalo-based group.  Since his ill-advised suit, he has been relegated to the sidelines on this latest effort to sell the track. Way to go, Thibert.  Just like Sarah, you have to go to extreme measures to get the attention you crave.

Next, he'll be talking about "Blood Libel" in reference to comments about him on my blog. Just like Sarah, he takes no responsibility for the effects of his words or actions. And like the former failed vice-presidential candidate, Jim Thibert cannot let something go by without commenting on it to the press or his close circle of friends.

We found it hilarious that he shares his innermost thoughts via quickly typed up e-mails with none other than that old Dinner Hound, Greg Bonito. You remember him; he's the guy who wrote a glowing review of the restaurant that cheese smuggler Bernie Polino is associated with.  Lately, he has donned a costume and writes a cartoon blog where he reports things hot off the tongues of town hall snitches.

And, boy, was Jimmie upset that the council voted to have the acting CAO and the town solicitor take a look at the MOU and by-laws regarding the Economic Development and Tourism Corporation of which Jim Thibert is the general manager when he's not running the Fort Erie Racetrack.

Oh, he's livid, calling the councilors liars (what?) and making some vague reference to Machiavelli. Word Salad was what it was and it revealed more about Thibert's personality than his usual, more carefully edited pronouncements from behind the curtain.  Bullet News took some of his comments and used them in an article titled: Thibert Thinks Council Has Plot Against Him. How rich is that from the guy who just served a council member with papers alleging that Don Lubberts was in conflict of interest over a possible land purchase by the town.  Oh, and Thibert helped put together the conflict of interest lawsuit against the four councilors that also has Mayor Martin's fingerprints all over it.

Jim can always count on someone like James Culic from The Post to cherry pick the facts that bolster his own view, rather than write an in depth article, combined with real investigative reporting.  If he did, he might find out about a slush fund financed by certain developers that has been rumoured to be in existence.  Said slush fund is alleged to be available for use by certain people in important positions in the town.  Look into it, Mr. Culic. Could win you a prize.

In a classic case of "projection" Thibert accuses the four councils of thinking of themselves as sophisticated Machiavellians, adding "buy (sic) the way, they were poisoned by their families." Really? I would have thought that Jim carries a worn copy of The Prince everywhere; his mentor and hero found in the pages of the book.

Well, we've watched Sarah Palin's star fade despite her efforts to remain relevant. Mostly she crashes and burns. Jim Thibert must realize his star is fading; he's even saying nice things about Kathleen Wynne.

Hopefully, the track has been sold and its future secure as a horse racing venue.  It remains to be seen if the Liberal government in Ontario will continue to subsidize the track which has run in the red for several years. 

BTW, Adam Joon, the MBA holding executive development official at the EDTC has resigned to take a job with the region.  Seems that Harry Schlange is putting together a team consisting of Fort Erie staff.  Even heard a rumour that Rino Mostacci may soon join Team Schlange.