Thursday, April 24, 2014


It's all gone now, except for the cement pad and a portion of wall. Time to start planning for the future and how the whole property can be beautified and made user friendly.

It's what many of us wanted for a long time. Not the demo of the snack bar, but the sign that this property is back in the hands of the people and not up for grabs to a developer.

We can only hope that the property is no longer in jeopardy of being taken over by a high rise developer. It is the last piece of good public beachfront property in Crystal Beach. The Town of Fort Erie almost made the biggest mistake in its history. Put a fork in it; it's done.

The struggle to retain the beachfront property for the people has cost a lot of people in this town dearly. They were only trying to do the right thing but they attracted all kinds of trouble for their efforts: compliance audits, lawsuits, harassment and a silly blog that is written by puerile twelve-year-olds.


Well, doesn't Ms. Kett get her well-used nose out of joint when questioned about the upcoming election procedure?  Hey, the guys were just trying to make sure that the integrity of the ballots is maintained from the voter to the tally. In the past, certain events have raised questions about that.  Always good to let the people who run the election that "we have our eyes on you."  No need to get sniffy about it. Odd she doesn't do what many communities do: swap with another community to run their election while someone from another community runs our election. 

Kudos to the people on Buffalo Road and the councillors who supported their effort to have the proposed sidewalks changed from east to west thus saving money for the taxpayers.


Let's go to the Way Back Machine HERE.  

It's from 2008. Please read it carefully. This was the dysfunctional council of the day.