Friday, October 17, 2014


The other shoe has dropped; the one we have been waiting for with dread and acceptance. The $10 million lawsuit filed by the Molinaros against the Town of Fort Erie and four councillors shows the depth of the desperation by the other side and the apparent fact that many are supporting The Four who were voted in by people who were sick of being ignored at town hall.

It looks like The Four have succeeded in fulfilling that promise to the people. Thus, another in the barrage of lawsuits, insults and stonewalling that has greeted the four councillors since the election in 2010 has been added to the pile.  The individual campaigns of The Four are going well; many potential voters understand what is really going on and are disgusted that The Four have been treated with such contempt. Former Mayor Wayne Redekop has also scored well with those who remember council meetings that were well run while preserving the democratic process.

The problem in Fort Erie has always been right at the top - the mayor. He is the leader of the council and town hall. Doug Martin has utterly failed to lead the town. He has allowed himself to be dictated to by underlings and non-elected officials.  He has failed to listen to the people which nearly cost him his job four years ago.  Now those entities have completely destroyed the town and its faith in their local government. Mayor Martin is directly responsible for that but he is leaving the town behind as he goes off into retirement.  Just this past week, his behaviour at council was abhorrent, unprofessional and mean-spirited as he attempted to shut down inquiries into the voting and ballot collection process.

The timing of this latest lawsuit is very interesting.  Guess the conflict of interest suit didn't have enough of a negative effect on The Four as had been hoped. So, the opposition had to pull out the A-Bomb in the hopes of destroying The Four and their chances in this election.  All this is well-funded by people who have a hidden agenda.   

In a further insult, there will probably be legal action taken against me as well.  They must also shut down this blog (and me) in order to complete their plan to take over the town council. 

So much for living in a quiet little town in Southern Ontario.

All Because of the fight to save all the Bay Beach Properties for the people.


Chris Knutt (candidate in Ward 6); George McDermott (candidate in Ward 1) and Patty Jo Carver (making a cameo appearance) were outside the Leisureplex on Thursday evening making sure that attendees were informed of the latest lawsuit against the four and the town. Nice way for candidates to act.  So much for integrity.  Anyone who wants people who behave this way on their town council does not have the best interests of their town in mind.