Wednesday, November 25, 2015


He did what I couldn't do: defend his reputation against a decree that limited his rights.

Charged with trespass and given a one year ban is by the Niagara Region which prevented Fred from attending Niagara Regional Council Meetings, he took it further; a judge ruled that the ban violated the Charter of Rights. Read about it HERE.

A few years ago, Richard Berry was banned from Fort Erie Council Meetings in the same type of intimidation ploy. If I remember correctly, some of the same people who are now at the regional level were involved.

But Fred Bracken showed them!

I don't always agree with Fred, but I believe he has a perfect right to express himself in public. I found it laughable that Debby Zimmerman felt "threatened" by his behaviour during a presentation he made at Regional Council. Yeah, right. The former Regional Chair and longtime player in the vicious local political blood sport was threatened? I don't believe that for a minute.

So, as those of us who are American celebrate Thanksgiving,, I would like to express my gratitude for people like Fred.  I've met many like him on both sides of the border and I always admire that they are willing to stand up for what they believe and they do not let local officials get too full of themselves.

Note to Fred: in your remark on another news site, you expressed your disdain for "progressives." You seem to have a far different understanding of the term than I do. I am a proud progressive. A progressive is the polar opposite to a "conservative" in political terms. I have never agreed with the conservative viewpoint and never will. Some people refer to Progressives as "liberals" in some places. I prefer to be called a progressive because I take the term literally, meaning I'm looking ahead, not behind or staying in place like the conservatives. (Actually, after studying Political Science, I discovered that I'm really a Democratic Socialist, but that's another conversation.)


The picture in the Review shows a beefed-up Heron on his way to court. Oh Boo-Hoo. He is so sorry for his "mistakes."  Yeah, right. He's sorry he got caught. He was so full of himself back when he and Bernie Polino were smuggling cheese and chicken wings from the States and making lots of money under the table. "Mistake?" My ass. I observed the goings-on and how these two skirted the law every chance they got when Bernie ran the snack bar in the sand at Bay Beach. I was famously told by Bernie, "I have friends in the NRP" when I pointed out a dangerous situation at his sand(wich) shop.

All these cops and former cops should be ashamed that they stole from the public by avoiding taxes and duty on their smuggled cheese. 

How can anyone be expected to respect the local police after this? The stories are still there and many of us know them all.. Right near me, a drug house operates with impunity; a dealer sits near Tim Hortion's, beard braided, announcing to the world that he is carrying and the police do nothing about it. They know. Yet they look the other way or they get their information from the local stalker and in return, they let him get away with all manner of mayhem.

There is a lot more house cleaning to be done at 23 Division. A lot more.