Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 Instead of  the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee of the United States, Donald Trump, we have someone who follows  the Trump Paybook and who assumes that the people of Fort Erie are "poorly educated" and do not have good memories or critical thinking skills. Not so at all. It's just that those of us who see the truth don't have the stomach. or the funds to go one-on-one with a psychopath. I submit that the next mayor of Fort Erie will use the Trump Playbook to win in 2018.

I received the following comment from "Corruption Fighter" this morning:

"if you think things are bad now......wait till Pissero makes his take over bid in 2018....he will make Redekop's wanderings over to the dark side a longed for memory....The OL Boy Club....f@cking Fort Erie for decades"

And yet, people voted for Passero and his friends. In truth, it was Passero's friends from the Chamber of Commerce (A.K.A. Chamber Maids) who basically handed the Ward 2 seat to Passero after the death of Rick Shular. Rather than appoint the runner-up, the Council of Commerce decided to spend thousands to have a by-election. Of course, you-know-who was backed by the Old Boys. And he won. Surprise. Stephen was still smarting from his loss to Wayne Redekop in the mayor's race. So, like Brutus, he has been working hard to discredit the mayor and place himself in the spotlight as the heir apparent to the throne of the mayor-ship of Fort Erie.

To those of us who are Americans, the thought of Trump as president of the US is truly frightening. He tells lies easily and does not apologize for mistakes and he makes lots of them. He has conned and cheated his way into striking distance from the White House. I am very afraid for what could happen in the US if he is elected.

On a similar but much smaller scale, the people of Fort Erie may be faced with the choice to vote for a Trump-like liar and con artist for their next mayor. Check this guy out: he supposedly has a business yet it does not really exist legally; his personal life is one of marital cheating and manipulation; he loves seeing his name and picture in the media and he associates with rather sketchy characters.

Just a warning, folks. Do not allow your vote to be stolen from you by a narcissistic wannabe Trump.