Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Stephen Passero has filed to run in the by-election in Ward 2. 

Marina Butler is a moron. She proved it by her actions at the Monday, February 9 Regular Council Meeting.  While others were concerned about the possibility that the town would be on the hook for millions of dollars for a new school library and theatre, Marina was obsessed with revisiting the earlier-tabled policy regarding the 30 meter set-back for waterfront properties. Why? For no other reason than she was concerned about "delays" in development on the waterfront. With regard to the 30 meter set-back, in the past four years, there were only four such adjustments requested. Yet Marina wants to speed the process that is seldom used. The reason the recommendation was tabled in January is because the council decided to wait until the Waterfront Strategy was underway to revisit the issue.

So, Marina ("I think I made a mistake.") Butler pushed forward, not really knowing what she was doing. It was cringe-worthy but it was not the only cringe-worthy moment in the meeting. George McDermott sounds like he may be suffering from Alzheimer's Disease as he could not even follow what was going on and could not remember actions that took place at earlier meetings. Kimberly Zanko should bleach her hair blonde as she makes idiots like Jenny McCarthy look like a Rhodes Scholar. Chris Knutt tries but is in way over his head.

Sorry folks. This is not "sour grapes." This is a tragedy in progress. Even Mayor Redekop had to explain and reword questions regarding the resolution to Marina.

Meanwhile, it would seem that those who are in favour of a community-paid (one-way-or-the-other) theater and library at the new high school believe that these buildings are the be-all and the end-all to Fort Erie's woes, including the mental health of its children. Forget that, if the community does not raise the $3.7 million requested by the District School Board of Niagara, it will be paid for by Fort Erie taxpayers. 

"Cut your coat according to your cloth." said one delegate regarding the theater/library proposal. Having never heard that particular saying, I had to look it up and the man was absolutely right. He further endeared himself to me by pointing out that his dapper clothing came from second-hand stores so he could "take his wife out to dinner once in a while" which was a priority on his fixed income. Others expressed support of the theater and library but warned of the cost and the eventual rise in their property taxes which will have a Domino Effect on the local economy.

Wasn't impressed by a couple of  entrepreneurs taking the opportunity to advertise for their acting classes for children while speaking in favour of the theater. Did they not realize that they will have to pay to use the new theater? Like renting ice time at the Leisureplex, it may cost a lot of money?  Check out the long and tortured history of that "community benefit." All that bingo money and slots revenue are gone forever. Not so easy now to get funding from a hard-pressed community. The taxpayers of the town are already going to get hit with a major tax increase. Our newbie councillors haven't a clue about how to put together a budget. Be afraid; be very afraid.

Memo to Gary Skerrett and Shorewalk: Where the "f" were you when the access to the public beach at Bay Beach was being threatened by the Molinaro Monolith?  Yeah, we know. You went AWOL on the issue after you had a private meeting with Doug Martin. Now you want support for a boardwalk at the Holloway Bay Road access? Your organization has discredited itself irretrievably by its non-action in the Bay Beach Issue. Good luck with that.