Monday, December 1, 2014



The new council was sworn in. Certain new members were able to hide their hypocrisy long enough to take the oath of office.  The Great Unwashed were not in attendance, according to sources that were in attendance. I have a feeling that they are now completely out of the loop, having served their purpose. I do wish that the present council focuses on the average people of Fort Erie, not just the members of the Chamber of Commerce's will.  There is much to be done and budget deliberations are coming up.  Let's see if this council keeps the taxes as low as the previous council.  All the rest is rhetoric.

 Yesterdays the first day of the new council, headed by the old/new mayor. This is where the rubber meets the road and the "campaign for change" will be put to the test.

To those who feel they have been left behind while the politics of retribution have played out in council for the last for years: do you think that the Chamber Maids are going to represent you? Of course not. They owe their place on council to their supporters on the CofC and they will be loyal to their benefactors above the average taxpayer.

 For, where else have four of those elected in 2010 subjected to billboards, bad publicity and lawsuits? At least, some who voted against The Four, think the lawsuits will end now that three have been defeated.  Clue: you have no idea what is in store going forward. The town is on the hook for numerous potential lawsuits, once the original conflict of interest lawsuit is complete. Certain councillors, newly-elected, will come under scrutiny for their part in the lawsuits.

And I will be here to report on and call attention to every little detail of their existence on council. Especially the work of the Chamber Maids.

Too bad I can't afford a billboard or two.