Friday, October 24, 2014


Looks like the town received a grant to enhance the sand dunes at Bay Beach in 2008. Certainly would give one the idea that the town was on board with preserving the uplands. Here the town is working with The Friends of Crystal Beach, a community group formed when the amusement park closed and that was responsible for many updates, improvements and support for the village of Crystal Beach.

Later, when the Molinaros came into the picture, the FOCB fought to save the uplands from development.  For that the group lost its Bingo license for being "too political."  

Striving to save a public parkland area for the people is too political?  What about a lawsuit filed just eleven days before an election?

Sounds like someone made a promise to a developer and was unable to deliver on that promise.  That is why people like Lame Duck Mayor Martin are out there campaigning against The Four. 

The Molinaros sued a couple of women in 2010. One was the owner of a property next to a proposed development which, according to the owner, "enjoyed a prescriptive easement over the Plaintiff’s lands."  Follow the LINK to see the outcome. (Spoiler Alert: The Molinaros lost.)

In other words, there is no guarantee that Molinaro's most recent lawsuit will be heard, nor that it will be decided in favour of them.  They are attempting to control the outcome of this election with the timing of the lawsuit. 

HERE is where it all began. Notice that it was said that improvements to the Bay Beach Properties would cost in excess of $3 million. Based on what? Here is where $35,000. of taxpayer money went to send "invitations" to prospective developers. Just where is the money from that earlier grant?

I know this is old news to some, but this is where it all started. The people of Fort Erie, especially those in Crystal Beach were lied to from the get-go. It looks like a deal was already made; town staff just had to come up with some lies to sell it to easily swayed councillors. The mayor was already in on it, presumably.  And that is why they were so upset when The Four were elected.  And this is why they are working so hard to stop The Four from winning their elections.  It's all about the promise made to a high rise developer - not a promise to the people.