Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Randi Rhodes said it with regard to the widening scandal in New Jersey: when there's local corruption, there's usually a development involved. As the investigative reporters have uncovered and which federal officials are now looking into is the connection between certain events in New Jersey that may be political retribution for those who did not support a couple of developments. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the former governor and his wife have been indicted for accepting expensive gifts from a developer. 

I recently watched the fine movie American Hustle. It is about a mayor being involved in a corrupt deal with with "developers" who were actually FBI agents - well not all of them.  The movie is actually based on a true story: the infamous ABSCAM scandal.

That's not to say that similar events have happened in this part of Canada.  

But is does make one wonder.  Please enjoy American Hustle. It's going to win a boatload of Academy Awards.

In other news:  Looks like Port Colborne is looking to preserve the shoreline and its sand dunes. http://www.niagarathisweek.com/news-story/4321480-a-helping-hand-for-sand/

Another reason to be grateful we don't live in Toronto: Developer Bulldozes Historic School.

Oops. Developer gets demolition order streamlined. School was under consideration for heritage status. Gone. Sorry, folks. Not only is Toronto's mayor a raving drunk/drug user, but it looks like some at city hall may be on the "take."