Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Exclusive to the Strand Blog

A Class Action lawsuit is being considered by a local group of taxpayers.

The revelation that certain participants, supporters and those who assisted in the Conflict of Interest against four councillors are recipients of taxpayer funding in one form or another has prompted a local woman to speak to officials about filing a class action lawsuit for misuse of public tax dollars.

She believes that certain people who funded the lawsuit against the four, by their actions, have violated public trust and should be forced to relinquish all monies received as salaries from the public. This would include those employed by not-for-profit corporations receiving taxpayer assistance whether they're arm's length or not.

When advised of the situation in Fort Erie, a official contacted about the class action possibility, said that a group of taxpayers can file a Class Action Claim for wages that were paid while the person was involved in the lawsuit.  

The names on the list of financiers of the lawsuit is very interesting, but not surprising. So far I have one winner in my bracket. For reference, you might want to see who donated to Doug Martin's 2010 mayoral campaign.  You know, the one he won by five votes.

Background Information:  The recent arrest of former Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau brings attention to a case of fraud and breach of trust that has brought a great deal of attention to the people. The scandal had to do with the misuse of taxpayer money for expenses of three senators. It has to do with the repayment of monies taken for expenses that were not covered or appropriate. It has to do with the fraudulent misuse of taxpayer dollars. You can see the relevance of the scandal to Fort Erie. In coming weeks, revelations that taxpayer money was misused will be coming forward. Stay tuned and stay informed.

Don't believe me? Research it for yourselves. It's all there; just needs to have the common thread highlighted.