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Randi Rhodes said it with regard to the widening scandal in New Jersey: when there's local corruption, there's usually a development involved. As the investigative reporters have uncovered and which federal officials are now looking into is the connection between certain events in New Jersey that may be political retribution for those who did not support a couple of developments. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the former governor and his wife have been indicted for accepting expensive gifts from a developer. 

I recently watched the fine movie American Hustle. It is about a mayor being involved in a corrupt deal with with "developers" who were actually FBI agents - well not all of them.  The movie is actually based on a true story: the infamous ABSCAM scandal.

That's not to say that similar events have happened in this part of Canada.  

But is does make one wonder.  Please enjoy American Hustle. It's going to win a boatload of Academy Awards.

In other news:  Looks like Port Colborne is looking to preserve the shoreline and its sand dunes. http://www.niagarathisweek.com/news-story/4321480-a-helping-hand-for-sand/

Another reason to be grateful we don't live in Toronto: Developer Bulldozes Historic School.

Oops. Developer gets demolition order streamlined. School was under consideration for heritage status. Gone. Sorry, folks. Not only is Toronto's mayor a raving drunk/drug user, but it looks like some at city hall may be on the "take."


  1. Your essay remind me of another story. My daughter learned about Chester, PA, as one example in a college course about environmental injustice. Apparently, a corrupt politician in a local government had a personal financial stake in bringing incineration companies into Chester, forcing them upon the people who lived nearby. During a public meeting, someone stood up and said they were in favor of the companies coming because they needed a job, but it was later revealed that person had been paid to say that. http://jonsenglishsite.info/Environmental%20Racism/4PolitEconomyEnvRacism20.pdf The community's efforts to fight legally were thwarted by a justice system that seemed to have already made up its mind against them before the case began. Here's a video on the case as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Opr-uzet7Q Makes you think.

  2. Who would ever have imagined that one condo development on a public waterfront would factor into yet another Fort Erie election term?
    Tom Lewis got elected for his high profile stance against us at Bay Beach losing our precious waterfront TWELVE YEARS AGO.
    If Martha Lockwood hadn't sided with the old boy's network and listened to her constituents, how different Fort Erie would be today!

  3. Nothing here I have not been repeating constantly for quite some time.

    Without knowing anything else about the situation,why would some of the biggest supporters of the Great Rape of Bay Beach be so hard over and adamant to such extremes about it??

    MONEY!!......kickbacks......small discreet envelopes......expensive gifts etc
    (and the real smart bottom feeders who do the dirty work for a pat on the back and a chance to bully)

    Want me to name some these of "outstanding" local citizens??.......(most of whom are well known).

    Next election is critical to this Town.
    The message must be sent loud and clear that Fort Erie is closed for business. DIRTY BUSINESS!!

  4. So true, CF. I do watch American cable news (MSNBC) because I find politics so fascinating. The situation in Virginia was talked about last night. The former governor, while he was in office, received expensive gifts and perks from a drug manufacturer. Among the gifts was a week's stay at the donor's exclusive lakefront house. There is substantial evidence that box seats to sporting events; week stays in Florida condos; real estate deals; and even vehicles have been given to local politicians by generous donors.

    Unfortunately it is SOP in many places - on both sides of the border.

    1. Show me the evidence

    2. Troll right on schedule. Must be a friend of Martha. Every time I point out something about Martha's dealings, I get a visit from a troll. I point you to the story about the former governor of Virginia. There were rumours about he and his wife grifting off wealthy donors, but it took a falsely accused caterer to blow the case wide open. Somewhere in this town is someone like that caterer, someone who knows all and has kept records. Some day, God willing, that person will reveal all to the proper authorities.

  5. Suggested addendum to the ninji art of war manual: polling methodology: randomized population sampling and statistically reliable data. A polling app seems to be the blogger porn de jour. Just wait for the hilarity when poll results rationalize some new, twisted editorial ! From said mole hill of useless data, the ninji are certain to offer up wise counsel on all manner of topics germane to the state of the municipality.

    For all the ninji blather about being champions of free enterprise, all I ever see is a randy shuffle to the public trough. The ninji nanny pro business crowd shames government, wets their pants and then whines for help. The predominant economic strategy of ninji and their handlers seems to be to compel one level of government or another to bail us out e.g. the Town must give prime public waterfront to a developer on terms skewed heavily in the developer's favor, the province must subsidize horse racing (great future in that) at the rate of millions every year, release the wetlands, cut electricity costs, more gaming, bring back the slots ...

    Welcome to the ninji wanna be nanny state of Fort Erie ! Come and we will coddle you with easy public money. Who was it that said ... wait what did he say ? ask not what ... ? Come on ninjii ! Lay one down for the team. Just one good business proposition for Fort Erie. One that's independent of public subsidy. Hello ... ?

    Instead we get a ninji remedy for the reportedly depressed residential property market. Expand the urban boundary as far as the eye can see; rezone as much rural land for development as possible; build more new housing that increases supply and drives down prices of existing houses. Brilliant ! Illusory growth at absolutely any cost ... good going ...

    1. Another weapon in the ninjas' arsenal is cyber stalking - and sometimes real stalking. Like when they follow vehicles and people and take pictures. Or take my picture from Facebook and post it on their site and accuse me of all sorts of crimes. (To me, and to many others, this just indicates that my remarks are hitting the target.) I am not a candidate for any office; I merely write a blog with opinion and facts.

      Gotta share this: Martha Lockwood tried to get her service club to give Tim Whitfield $1000. because he's in need. Vote failed and members are still scratching their heads over it.

  6. "illusory growth at absolutely any cost"......excellent statement SuperDave. It serves the ninja's political masters well. (must be seen to be doing something, besides feathering my own nest, no matter how ridiculous).

    To quote the wannabe next mayor, "any development even bad development" WTF! He has been hanging out with our current "leader" way too much. Other brainiac statements from the dark side ring from the same hymn book. "Closed for business", "laughing stock of the province". Some Jimbo statements, " Hey Mr McQuinty...." we want lots of money but slam you and the people who hold the public purse at the same time.....(because it's all someone else's fault, always!!)

    In a town not so badly in decline, it would be laughable for it's lack of intelligence and comedic relief. If all of this was just bad mistakes is one thing, unfortunately far too much of it is about calculated personal gain and to hell with the majority of the town or it's future.

    Your vote matters people. 5 of them from open ballot boxes, separated us from common decency and common sense. I am quite sure the streets would still not be paved in gold but we would have this ship off the rocks and at least pointed in the right direction by now. Instead we have wasted millions on legal costs on Bay Beach, a grossly inept EDTC and now Martin sueing his own council (only he could dream of this low of a blow.)The judge will need some medical marijuana to get through this one.

    SUPPORT THE FOUR!!.....end local stupidity, greed, graft and waste.

  7. When I started The Strand and its blog, I was mostly concerned about the Bay Beach Properties and the fight to keep the whole parcel in public hands, upgraded and treasured as a public park for the people. It wasn't until I delved deeper into the issue that I discovered that there was way more to it that just a piece of property bought from the Rebstocks. There were other plans for the property - and the entire shoreline of Bay Beach. None of those projections were recommended in either the C.A.U.S.E. Study or the award-winning Neighbourhood Plan of 2005. The "vision" rested in the brain of the town planner, Rino Mostacci, endorsed by the mayor. From there, we observed a local councillor lie to her constituents and engage in blatant conflict of interest. Meanwhile, the opponents of the plan to build a condo tower on public property took to legal means to stop the project because no one at town paid any attention to the many letters, petitions and delegations. All these legal attempts ended in judgments in favour of the developers. Still we fought on as best we could. New councillors were elected to replace those who worked against the wishes of the majority of people in their wards.

    It took hard economic truths to put a stop to the project (along with the denial of an extension to sell a preset amount of units.)

    We must all realize that the "deal" is not completely dead. The "others" are hoping to elect a council and mayor who can re-open the negotiations with the Molinaros so that the project will move forward. They will work very hard to see their candidates win in October. And the ninjas, ever looking for acceptance from TPTB, will dredge up anything they can against any candidate or person they consider to be the enemy,

    Voters must be informed about what is at stake and how to understand the importance of every vote. We should all never forget that, for five votes, the town would be in a completely different place than it is now. So true, CF about Martin being so venal that he would orchestrate the suing of four members of council.

  8. a struggling taxpayerJanuary 24, 2014 at 3:37 PM

    Today's Fort Erie Post states "A majority of the EDTC's annual grant is spent on staff, with wages and benefits accounting for $369,525 or about 60% of the operating budget."

    I recall that last term, Mr. Thibert requested additional funds to pay for outside services to determine where Tourism signs should be placed in Fort Erie. An additional $30,000. on top of an even more substantial first payment was requested.
    True to form, Mr. Shular voted to support the request saying "there are several shades of purple"!
    It seems to me that Mr. Shular has been backing Mr. Thibert for a long time.

  9. Speaking of the appearance of impropriety, have you seen this article on the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority? Be sure to read the comments section for important insight into what the NPCA board has done. You can participate in a survey there on whether you think a board of directors should appoint one of themselves to a well-paid environmental job despite dubious qualifications. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2014/01/14/new-management-at-conservation-authority

    1. Yeah, it sure has the smell of nepotism around it. Some of the posters are calling it corruption. Be careful. You might get sued for pointing out the obvious.


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