Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My Editorial Assistant, Harley does not understand that I have things to write on this blog.

The "vacant" industrial property that belongs to racetrack owner Nordic El-Ad is on the docket to be bought by the Town of Fort Erie using taxpayer money. The purchase is being brokered by David Kompson who, according to a Niagara This Week article, "is a longtime ally of both Thibert and mayor Doug Martin."

Why does the town want to buy the 14 acres of land on Industrial Drive with taxpayer money? Presumably to "sweeten the deal" with a potential buyer who may or may not be represented by David Kompson. In his frustration over the reluctance of Councillor Don Lubberts and others to enter into such an agreement, Thibert recently filed a Conflict of Interest lawsuit against Councillor Lubberts that may or may not be based on information from David Kompson.  

Is this another taxpayer-funded lawsuit started by Thibert to settle a personal grudge?  Seems like it.

There needs to be a real shake-up at town hall, starting with the EDTC being repatriated to town hall as a department directly answerable to council. And throw in the Wellness (under investigation due to a quarter of a million dollar embezzlement from Bridges)  and Gaming Departments under Russ Wilson.  

Geeze. What a mess. 


  1. Reposted from previous thread:

    I have just watched Wolf Blitzer talking about the upcoming mid term Elections this fall in the USA, he pointed out that the various Chamber of Commerce in many States are financing and supporting Republican Candidates in vulnerable states, This is exactly the same modus operandi that the Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce is doing to hang onto their control of Fort Erie, for these past 40 years, they have now picked Stephen Passero to be their new poster boy for Mayor, and are running like they did last time, a full slate of their own candidates, in every ward. They desperatly fighting to take back our Town, from the people.

    1. Too bad for the regular folks if this happens. A Chamber of Commerce is supposed to help promote the town, assist new businesses and support the business community, not plot the take-over of the town council.

      Does anyone really think that Marina Butler (former VP of the CofC) and Kimberly Zanko (former President of the CofC) really understand the needs of average residents and taxpayers? In my opinion, they are part of the problem - not the solution. Jim Thibert has a great deal of control over what happens in this town. He is trying to solidify his power in order to protect his job. He knows that if the balance of power on council remains as it is now, he will soon be out of a job. HIs "girls" and a few others will always protect him.

  2. I see a lot of tax money going out the window to some whose only interest is in themselves.

  3. The name Industrial Drive rings a bell, the Town back in 1984 sold a parcel of land to Mayor Heinz Hummel to build an Industrial mall, the deal was that the Creek had to be realigned to make the lot more appealing. The lot was sold for $35 thousand dollars, and the town spent $35 thousand to realign the creek, without permission from NPCA , the net gain for the taxpayer? ZERO.

  4. I don't understand why the Town has to first buy the property first. Why can't Thibert just introduce the two parties to negotiate the secret deal?

    What am I missing?

    1. If the property is so Valuable why don't they put it up for sale themselves and get a better price than what this town can afford?

  5. Monday 19 May , Premeir Kathleen Wynne Annouced that" Ontario Place a condo-free zone," she also said "We now realize again the enormous potential of our urban waterfront and the enoumous contribution that it can make to our quality of life" she also said "But that is only true if we develop it responsibly, so I'm here today to annouce a Liberal long term vision to revitalizethis iconic site" Niagara Falls Review Tuesday May 20. 2014. I believe those words are the thinking of the majority of Fort Erie residents. when it comes to our beautiful Bay Beach.

  6. par for the courseMay 22, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    two portable toilets have been dropped off at Bay Beach. wouldn't you know it, they are in the worst possible place, to SPOIL the window view of the lake.
    last year they were along the fence beside the existing washrooms.

  7. What do you mean?

    I spoke with 3 plumbers from Cheektowaga that drove over specifically to see them! They asked me "when are the other condos going up"?

  8. Curious from teh BurgMay 22, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    It has been said many times that any publicity is good publicity. I would think that this holds true for any negative publicity is not good publicity.
    I would wonder how much of the east end rhetoric is causing negative thoughts in the minds of potential investors in this town.
    They talked and wrote extensively about how the town was suing the town or how the town will have to fight itself at the OMB hearings.
    Is it not the same then when a leader of a arms length corporation sues a councilor and the east enders make a big deal of it as if it is the right thing to do?
    They make a big deal about the so called lies being told and how they can back things up with facts. Does it really matter, when they are saying all these negative things on the internet all day and all night.
    Even going so far as to say the MARZ home project is a failure and should not be built down wind from a sewage treatment plant.
    Say bad things about the town and people will not come. No matter which side of the issues you are on. Speak positive about the town and they will come .

    1. BINGO!!!!!
      Sidenote: There have been a few things they cannot back up with facts, just opinions. (or personal agendas obscuring their ability to be objective) Not exactly the same.


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