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There were other issues and discussions on Monday night, but let's just get to the last act of this dramedy and talk about Paul Collard's request that the new Acting CAO and the new town attorney take a look at the MOU and a couple of by-laws regarding the Economic Development and Tourism Corporation and its difficult relationship to town council.  It is evident to anyone who pays attention to these things that there is a problem between the profane and egotistical head of the arm's length separate entity known as the EDTC, Jim Thibert, and certain members of the current council.  It goes back a long way - way back to the previous council when then Ward 6 Councilor Ann Marie Noyes asked for certain updates and information from the EDTC but was denied.  She eventually took it to the Freedom of Information Tribunal, lost then won the right to certain documents, some of which are still outstanding.

Council, under a new balance of power, once brought the EDTC issue to the forefront, but eventually backed down using the tough economy as the reason for not attempting any changes.  Jim Thibert took the lame duck period between the election and the installation of the new council to initiate a tax-payer-paid lawsuit against me for slander. He has since been quite involved in the Conflict of Interest lawsuit against four councillors and initiated a recent one against Councillor Don Lubberts.

It only stands to reason that the Memo of Understanding and certain by-laws be examined to ascertain whether Thibert was acting in good faith as the corporation's general manager when he initiated lawsuits against his perceived enemies.  It would also seem that Thibert is riding a thin line because of doing double duty as the CEO of the Fort Erie Race Track.

Questions that do need answers as well as the need for the EDTC to report regularly to council with its financial information. It was mentioned that Bob Gaye famously challenged to Niagara Parks Commission to open its meetings to the public.  The fallout from his complaints caused many changes in how the NPC does business, including meetings open to the public.

Of course, I and many others would like to see Jim Thibert fired for a number of reasons, but he believes he is invulnerable and well-protected from scrutiny or accountability.  He operates in his own world of playing golf in the afternoons followed by cocktails at the Tiki Bar at the racetrack.

Nice.  Too nice for the taxpayers to have spent close to a million dollars each year to support. How many jobs has our Development Czar brought to Fort Erie? He did manage to save the race track for another season, probably its last, at a cost of over $5 million to the taxpayers topped off with a $500,000 gift from the town's taxpayer's Reserve Fund, built up of tax savings.

If anyone out there just accepting the carefully crafted bovine excrement coming from Jim Thibert's fevered imagination, they need to take a good look (if they ever get the opportunity to do so) at the financials of the EDTC.


  1. I would think it wise for this blog to shut down right now. You got off easy last time Sharon, and you don't know leniency when it's infront of your face.

    Your post of today is very slanderous an I suspect, hopefully, will put you in jail, but you truly need to be put into a psychiatric ward.

  2. view_from_the_beachJuly 25, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    Looks like you've struck a nerve Madam Editor!

    Memo to Kurt-
    Best you pull your head out of your ass before you use terms like "slander".

  3. Jimmy's upset about it.

  4. After looking at the press release on Bulletnewsniagara regarding James T. reaction to a request from elected council members for a review of the actions of the EDTC can this get any worse?? You would think old well paid Jim would just say something like "well, Im all for anything that would bring a higher level of insight to the office that I, and my staff, work so hard to make the most of under these difficult economic times" or..."many communitys face challenges, both economic and social, we, at the EDTC welcome any improvements that bring further effeciency to the projects currently under consideration". But he wont.. He makes it sound personal, and in a guilty tone. You might think for the dough hes getting he could at least play along a little. Sure sounds guilty when hes that defencive. Jim, if youre reading this, suck up a little bit, and at least TRY to look smart, I saw your resume, youre above this nonsense, Maybe some reporter caught you after a few rum and cokes. Dont be the Robfo of Fort Erie. If people think Fort Erie is being laughed at (your words),your statements can go a long way to helping this area get a little respect. A sitting council asking for a little feedback, for the money being spent, isnt unusual, or necessarily personal, unless you make it this way. Try a little harder, we will all be the better for it.

    1. Standard JimThib reaction. I'm sure there were many "expletives deleted." In the accompanying picture, it looks like Jimmie is about to plant a big, wet kiss on Lame Duck Martin.

  5. I was writing critiques over 8 years ago in the newspapers , I just don't feel he is worthy of being the public face of our Town, the final straw was when he made my Councillor "Persona non Grata " at the Racetrack. his lavish use of the "F" bomb on employees of the OLG at a meeting in St.Catharines , which was noted in the local papers. The way to influence people is usually honey, not vinegar. He has to go now, 12 million dollars spent and nothing to show for it. He would have been fired 5 years ago in the real world, his" Chamber Pot Cronies" keep him in business.

  6. What a complete and utter waste off time this is , and CF if you do recall, not that it matters but we did hear this report was not to have him fired or anything of that nature, which is complete BS I am sure as well

    What has me more riled up on this whole exercise of stupidity the other night is the complete classlessness of Collard. If you want to be treated like a professional and viewed as a person of integrity who is open and transparent then you yourself must act that way otherwise you lose all your credibility

    WTH are you doing burying your resolution until the very last second and then springing it on your fellow councillors. Like them or not you are judged by your own actions and to not at least give them the heads up either via a notice of motion which would be the proper thing to do .or simply having it circulated in advance of council that Monday night was an absolute BUSH LEGUE move and then Mr Collard has the nerve to speak to being wanting more transparency from the EDTC when he himself is working in a cloud of darkness and secrecy

    Obviously the way the vote went down it was going thru anyways so why the need for the big secret.... Sorry people, Collard loses on this all the way

    1. Oh, you mean like the time the four councilors were "served" just before a council meeting? Or the time Don Lubberts was "served" just before a council meeting? How classy was that?

      Thibert's reaction to the request for a look-see into the MOU and by-laws regarding the EDTC is a perfect example of why council/staff was not given prior notice. Thibert would have shown up at council and turned it into a circus with him as the ringmaster.

      Thibert is the one who sued me; he helped orchestrate the lawsuits against the four councilors and initiated the one against Don Lubberts. Why should any of them give him any consideration? The other three on council are merely his puppets.

      Thibert has to go on the offensive - to take away the attention that his lack of transparency is going to get. He fought the FOI request and appealed the decision which went against the EDTC. That appeal was overturned and he still is resisting the order for information.

      Once the details of the Conflict of Interest case become public, Thibert may well find himself under further scrutiny. He used over $20,000. of taxpayer money to sue me; subject to approval by his lame duck board on the EDTC. What has this to do with economic development? It was his own ego that was bruised by comments in my blog, never the EDTC itself.

      Thibert and Thibert alone is what's wrong with the EDTC, not the hard-working staff who work while Thibert showboats on the golf links or the Tiki Bar at the track.

      I'm just hoping that Paul's brave move is the first step towards putting the EDTC back working towards its mandate, rather than an extension of Jim Thibert's massive ego.

  7. Oh, BTW, to the poster who kindly re-iterated the judgment against me, Thank You. I am well aware of the ruling. After all, I am a "convicted slanderer" according to the uneducated over at another blog. I will be vindicated some day. I look forward to it and hope it comes soon for the sake of the people of this great community that deserves better from a couple of its non-elected officials.

  8. Enjoying a wonderful weekend knowing that recent postings have hit the target. How do I know this? By the level of hatred and personal attacks against me by recent commenters. Always a tell as to how effective this blog is. Close to 1000 visitors daily.

  9. It infuriates me when I read in local papers how this Council is so divisive. WHAT DO YOU THINK, WITH A MAYOR WHO LAUNCHES A LAW SUIT AGAINST FOUR DULY ELECTED COUNCILLORS.
    Isn't a mayor to lead, not divide and then shout out that Fort Erie is Closed for Business?
    Oh, and then the leader at the Economic and Tourism Corporation, Jim Thibert goes to Council complaining that Council has to work together so he can better do his job, and then he sues a Councillor. How many law suits has he launched against four duly elected Councillors?
    That's hardly working together for the betterment of Fort Erie, is it?

    1. Thibert and company went on the offensive as soon as the election was called. When it became clear that Martin was re-elected by the skin of his teeth, the lawsuits began. As soon as Heather Salter became a liability, they used her firing as an excuse to bring a lawsuit against the four, not caring if it gets resolved before the election as the attack on the councillor's integrity was the goal. Same with Don Lubberts who dared to call Thibert out on his urging of council to vote that the town buy some of the race track property to sweeten the deal for a potential buyer. It's called "bonusing" and it is illegal.

  10. Yes Sharon, just after the election, let's remember that Rino Mostacci left abruptly. Harry Slange, Heather Salter and Ron Tripp, all devoted to the mayor by five votes are no longer on staff. All mayor's old boy's clubbers, I'd say! And Yippee!

    Also, don't forget that Marina Butler filed a useless, expensive to the tax payers Compliance charge against John Hill. He was not into office long enough for her to accuse him of anything. Just that he got elected.
    And, Martha Lockwood followed with the other useless, expensive to the tax payers Compliance charge, I guess just because he got elected instead of her.

  11. Seems rather telling that the largest employer in town is the public works department. Reminds me of some third world country where if you can get in on the public payroll, not only do you enjoy a fat paycheck, but benefits, lots of holidays, call out bonuses for after 5pm calls, your kids first dibs at the high paying summer jobs and other perks, like generous sick day allowances. Some of these "hard workers" drive the Towns vehicles home!! And this expence as the largest employer in the Town!! All we need to do now is to allow the Top Dog to appoint his successor, (which Id bet he would to do if he could get away with it), and it would model some of the "works" departments of places like rural Mexico or Guatemala, where you get a position, keep your head down, be very quiet about all the gravy youre slurping up and work as slow as is humanly possible without getting fired. The FE boys have already got all these points down cold, especially the last one. Believe me, without going into detail, I know how all this works.


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