Friday, October 17, 2014


The other shoe has dropped; the one we have been waiting for with dread and acceptance. The $10 million lawsuit filed by the Molinaros against the Town of Fort Erie and four councillors shows the depth of the desperation by the other side and the apparent fact that many are supporting The Four who were voted in by people who were sick of being ignored at town hall.

It looks like The Four have succeeded in fulfilling that promise to the people. Thus, another in the barrage of lawsuits, insults and stonewalling that has greeted the four councillors since the election in 2010 has been added to the pile.  The individual campaigns of The Four are going well; many potential voters understand what is really going on and are disgusted that The Four have been treated with such contempt. Former Mayor Wayne Redekop has also scored well with those who remember council meetings that were well run while preserving the democratic process.

The problem in Fort Erie has always been right at the top - the mayor. He is the leader of the council and town hall. Doug Martin has utterly failed to lead the town. He has allowed himself to be dictated to by underlings and non-elected officials.  He has failed to listen to the people which nearly cost him his job four years ago.  Now those entities have completely destroyed the town and its faith in their local government. Mayor Martin is directly responsible for that but he is leaving the town behind as he goes off into retirement.  Just this past week, his behaviour at council was abhorrent, unprofessional and mean-spirited as he attempted to shut down inquiries into the voting and ballot collection process.

The timing of this latest lawsuit is very interesting.  Guess the conflict of interest suit didn't have enough of a negative effect on The Four as had been hoped. So, the opposition had to pull out the A-Bomb in the hopes of destroying The Four and their chances in this election.  All this is well-funded by people who have a hidden agenda.   

In a further insult, there will probably be legal action taken against me as well.  They must also shut down this blog (and me) in order to complete their plan to take over the town council. 

So much for living in a quiet little town in Southern Ontario.

All Because of the fight to save all the Bay Beach Properties for the people.


Chris Knutt (candidate in Ward 6); George McDermott (candidate in Ward 1) and Patty Jo Carver (making a cameo appearance) were outside the Leisureplex on Thursday evening making sure that attendees were informed of the latest lawsuit against the four and the town. Nice way for candidates to act.  So much for integrity.  Anyone who wants people who behave this way on their town council does not have the best interests of their town in mind.


  1. I have to laugh at the father - son duo. Father accuses someone on Sharon's blog of saying Martin has shit for brains and calling him a vindictive little prick and saying voters should not be supporting people like that. Yet his son uses the "f" word more than Morton's sells salt. Between the two of them, more swearing and rude comments than a drunken sailor. We all know this was a set up just like the conflict of interest lawsuit. They are so desperate to get rid of the four they are even trying to play the good upstanding citizenship card while they blast away at everyone that doesn't agree with them with their rude and obnoxious behaviour. .

    1. Anyone with money can file a lawsuit. Just look at the conflict of interest lawsuit funded by a few of Fort Erie's elite. Now the Molinaros, who have deep pockets, are going after a town and four councillors. The Molinaros have every right to sue the town; four councillors - not so much. Truthfully, it is the brainchild of Rino Mostacci that caused this whole fiasco. The people were against the condo project from the get-go, long before The Four, Remember the billboards, signs, tee shirts, rallies, letters to the editor; OMB appeal and even a lawsuit. The Molinaros knew there was fierce opposition to their project. Yet the council of 2006-2010 did not listen to the people and went ahead. People worked hard to elect new members of council to turn back the project and save the waterfront land. They were successful in changing the power structure on council from 5-2 in favour of the project to 4-3 against it. Since the 2010 election, The Four have been subjected to numerous assaults to their integrity. Now they have two lawsuits against them and in Don Lubberts' case, three lawsuits. All generated or pushed by the mayor and the head of the EDTC.

    2. And to what end? They will destroy more than the councillors. What a blow for the town. THAT IS NEGATIVITY when they cannot let it go and have to go after the four with as many lawsuits as possible, just to destroy them. Do you think those who sit around the horseshoe that condone the condo, are going to get cooperation from anyone who did not? We can rest assured some incumbents will get in from the last council, I hope they dig their heels in.

  2. What disturbs me is the hateful little mob that stood just outside The Leisureplex after Candidates Night. Now that is scary shit.

  3. This lawsuit has no legs, under the Municipal Act a new council is not bound by decisions of the former council, also noted by the Judge in the OMB rulings, This council could have saved themselves some heart ache by killing this abomination , Bay Beach on day one of taking office, they in all fairness to Molinaro, they let the system wind it's way though to it's logical conclusion., they could not sell enough units to make the project doable,or feasible. Molinaro will lose this, and the Town Council should seek damages to their reputations and finances., This law suit has no legs, the judge will throw this out of court.

    1. I agree, Porgey. It's all about the timing of the lawsuit. It will probably be withdrawn after the election. There was a "drop dead" clause in the original MOU that the project had to have sold 45 units by December 31, 2013. Apparently, less than twenty were sold. The Molinaros asked for a two year extension; they were offered an extension to the end of summer, 2014. The Molinaros refused and there were no further offers or discussion.

      This sort of situation happens often. The Molinaros knew that they were coming into a controversial situation. They should be suing those who told them that it would be easy to get clearance to build.

      This one development has divided this community between those who want public shoreline land kept public and those who think that a twelve story condo will invigorate the economy of Crystal Beach.

      Just look at Port Dalhousie:waterfront development gone wrong

  4. There is not Absolute Title to the waterfront at Bay Beach. The hearing regarding it took place over a year and a half ago, no decision yet! Molinaros can't sell condos without a clear title anyway. This issue should have been settled first, six years ago.

    Our mayor and Heather Salter refused to acknowledge the survey that Don Lubberts was warning them about.

  5. someone far more in tune and in the know once said to me and I quote

    ... "you have no idea the depth and extent of corruption in this town"

    Some privileged insiders have made a lot of money off the taxpayer over the years and for the first time in far too long you have a majority of council who possess the courage and ideals to try and stop it. All the screaming/lies/lawsuits/attack blogs/newspaper insuations from the dark side is simply them trying to ensure their place at the trough. Slurp slurp slurp. The attempted Great Rape of Crystal Beach has highlighted the depths of their depravity and extreme level of their arrogance and greed.

    This election is absolutely critical to the town and a single vote for any of the ol boy/ CofC plants helps destroy it. (Not that they care as it's only about their profit).

    Welcome to FE where if you're not dirty or supporting those who are, there is something wrong with you.

  6. view_from_the_beachOctober 17, 2014 at 10:18 AM

    Receiving screenshots and copy/pastes of the "ejaculation of hate" erupting from the mutant world ninja site reveals the frenzy of glee they're experiencing with the announcement "Molinaro's Revenge."
    Funny how a $10,000,000 politically motivated law suit, issued from an out of town developer that was incapable of selling enough "gifted" product and thus (thankfully) beat feet is so revered by what amounts to Fort Erie's lowest lifeforms eh?
    Couple this with their latest Anti-American line of horseshit, at a time when The King of Horseshit, JT himself, is championing the involvement of some of Buffalo's worst wheeling and dealing snake oil salesmen as "The Way Forward" for our town's economic resurgence and it becomes abundantly clear that Mutantville's collective orgasm has overwhelmed them to a point of complete and total contradiction.
    While an American taxpayer's cottage is targeted for "outside interference" by displaying some election signs on the front yard, Doug "Shit For Brains" Martin's out of town buddies are heralded for dropping a multimillion $ town wide shake down threat a week before the election.

    1. Careful what you say, View. You are accused of being my alter ego.

    2. view_from_the_beachOctober 17, 2014 at 11:46 AM

      Based on the "analytic abilities" of the inhabitants of Mutantville it's not surprising. They fail to understand that truth has a funny habit of sounding the same even when expressed from completely different sources.
      Fact is if they weren't so ignorant, they wouldn't be any use to the one's they serve now, would they?

  7. Now that's the fine upstanding type of corporate citizens we all need in town...suing a town which will affect the towns residents/taxpayers. If anyone really believes developers are in it for anybody but themselves clearly has no clue how they operate. IT IS A BUSINESS! Port Dalhousie anyone? Developers all know the risk. Spending a couple million dollars for designs, studies, legal fees, for a project that may or may not happen is just the cost of doing business. It is the towns fault that they couldn't sell their condos by a previously agreed upon timeline in an area they already knew would be controversial? Makes sense.... Obviously they just want to reclaim their money by any means necessary.

    I sure hope that if any of the 4 councillors being sued for COI and now this, who may not get elected, then get cleared of these ridiculous lawsuits, turn around and sue the asses off every single one of those involved in these lawsuits for defamation of character. I would die a happy man to see ones retirement fund go down the toilet!

    1. I would love to see all those involved with this assault be audited!

  8. "Places like Crystal Beach were created for and by people from WNY."

    1. If you go back to the very beginning of the village, a Chataqua style settlement was started at what is now Queen's Circle. It was started by people from WNY. The history of Crystal Beach is full of American involvement.

  9. So many lawsuits!! Need a program like at the track to keep up on it all. Next time, (and im sure there will be a next time) the next law suit comes down the pipe someone should ask "do you want fries with that?" This is getting redick-you-less in so many ways. The Molys across the lake in Oakville must have been pretty em- bare- assed once they realized what a goofy concept they hitched their golden wagons to. Now to save some face they bring out the law dudes to try to save what is left of their credability in the condo building fraternity.

  10. Just what has Council done to the Molinaros?

    Molinaros won with the FOUR to THREE vote to carry on with the condo arrangement even though the OMB judgement said that the new Council was "unfettered'. Bob Steckley voted with the mayor, Pessaro and Shular because he feared that the Town could be sued.

    All subsequent votes either were the same FOUR to THREE supporting the condo, even Site Plans and MNR votes went FIVE to TWO keeping the development on track.

    The Molinaros last December wanted a two year extension that was of no benefit to the Town and was eventually voted down SIX to ONE, I think, with reassurances from legal opinion sought by the Town that it was safe from ramifications. Molinaros didn't want to be tied to the commitment of building amenities such as they were since they didn't get the sales they had expected.

    Now, just prior to a very vital municipal election they are suing, WTF ?

  11. Untill everyone sees the actual fine details of the lawsuit there is very little anyone can say. There is a judgement to consider, ajustments to various details and even (as is often the case) a settlement out of court meaning anything from an apology from either side to a private financial settlement which is often kept secret. Let the games begin!

  12. view_from_the_beachOctober 17, 2014 at 5:31 PM

    This is just plain TOO funny !!!

    Using his Mutantworld nom de plume, good old Sensei Ron (aka Cheetos Boneeto) has decided to direct his dim-witted commentary towards none other than Mr. Wayne Redekop.
    Yeah you be sure to run with that one all night long and then some bucko. What could possibly go wrong with that .. eh Cheetos ?

  13. I truly believe that the posters on this blog Just Don't Get It.

    This is not a game ladies and gentlemen ..... this is REAL life.

    The Town is being sued for 10 MILLION DOLLARS. After reading the papers served to the town regarding this matter, and looking at it in an unbiased frame of mind, the Molinaro's have a strong case against us ..... you, me, anybody that pays taxes towards the city, and sorry Sharon, but that excludes you.

    I could give a rat's a$$ about the Ninjas, and for you to perceive that they ( the dark side ) have influenced this action is juvenile.

    BOTTOM LINE ..... our town is being sued to the tune of $10,000,000.00 and it will likely bankrupt us. Time to put on your big boy pants and stop this craziness.

    YOU .... this blog, and others, along with the posters who think they are soooo funny and cute with your snide comments ...... YOU are the ones who have put our town in this position. And every taxpayer, every family will pay for your foolish internet games. And some will lose their homes through this addition burden placed on them and our town, and CERTAINLY ..... Fort Erie will suffer, if not go into bankruptcy.

    So glad you got your little beach.

    1. view_from_the_beachOctober 17, 2014 at 9:23 PM

      Here's a suggestion "Martha".
      Scroll up and read the post from
      an observer October 17, 2014 at 4:54 PM


      To suggest that the posters to this blog are responsible for a $10,000,000 law suit, filed a week before municipal elections by The Molinaro Group is clear evidence that you're an idiot.
      The timing of the suit makes it even MORE evident that certain entities have "arranged things" in an attempt to achieve as much division in our town as possible.. and you're buying it.

      Now.. as to those big boy pants?

    2. you invited these rats here Martha. YOU will answer for your shortcomings as we all someday.. Better rethink your rather large part in all this. With your very large but misdirected pride and your bloody single mindedness, I will not hold my breath. Better get on your knees and ask for some serious re-direction.

    3. No one on this Blogg is Laughing. But we do realize that you, two of the other one time blunders of 2006 council as well as Doug Martin and Rick Shular and Sandy Annunziata should be taking full credit for this mess!

  14. How many law firms does Molinaro have on their payroll?October 17, 2014 at 7:13 PM

    What do you think the odds are that the Molinaros drop the lawsuit right after the election? Of course, that depends on who wins.

  15. They don't have a strong case. Listen to the recordings from the 11/25/13 council meeting.
    Molinaro had initially asked for an indefinite extension. He wanted all the time it took until everything worked out the way he liked and if it didn't work out, he wanted to be able to back out scott-free. Council had refused, so Molinaro came back wanting an 18-month extension. Council still balked. Why should the Town of Fort Erie take on this risk, especially after Molinaro had delayed the timetable by waiting 18 months to seek absolute title, a responsibility that was contractually his? Now Molinaro was complaining that sales were slow because he didn't have absolute title. Maybe he should have started the search sooner, don't you think? Steckley proposed to offer Molinaro an extension of 8 months (to August 2014), and that was seconded by Lubberts. It was voted down. Certainly you can't pin that on Lubberts or Steckley, yet Molinaro is suing them personally. I believe if you have a copy of the video, you'll see that the Mayor voted against the 8-month extension. So tell me why are the personal lawsuits against Steckley and Lubberts but not against the Mayor? It's all political, designed to influence the election, and is a complete abuse of the political system. Should councillors be afraid that if they stand up to a developer in response to the welfare of their constituents that they will be personally sued? Check out 1:29 to hear Brady confirm that the lawyers had advised the councillors in closed session that they were under no legal obligation to grant Molinaro's extension. Check out 1:32 to hear Steckley propose to grant an 8-month extension. And remember that Molinaro didn't even need an extension. Molinaro was free to keep on dilly dallying in selling his units, but the time had come that he had to commit that he would EVENTUALLY grant the community benefits or to decide not to commit to the project. If Council had granted Molinaro the 18-month extension, then come August 31 of next year (2015), Molinaro would have been free to say, you know what, sales are going poorly, so I'm outta here, leaving Crystal Beach high and dry. Or even worse, Molinaro could have asked for another extension in 2015 and threatened to sue if he didn't get it then. Then, when Molinaro finally sold the number of units he wanted to get to decide to commit (God knows when), he still would have had a lot more units to sell before he decided to build. And then, once he decided to build, building would have taken at least another two years. Talk about an everlasting hell. Meanwhile, benefits had already eroded and doubtless would have eroded more as building costs escalated. Molinaro had already said forget about the furniture, and maybe we'll have vending machines instead of a snack bar, and maybe people can use the washrooms down the hall in the condo instead, and the "changing rooms" won't actually have partitions, etc., etc. Council did the right thing in standing up to him. Molinaro's going to try to bully them now and try to mess with the democratic process. But he was bullying Crystal Beach already by deleting "benefits" he'd led them to believe they'd get. The more you give into a bully, the more he bullies. Molinaro will win what he really wants if he scares you into voting for someone other than the four councillors who stood up for you. He hopes to get in some weak puppets that he can push around. So vote wisely, because this is the last change you'll get to stand up for democracy in Fort Erie.

  16. I have seen many of these, any chance of Molinaro winning this one is zero, a snowball in hell, has a better chance. Provincial Law trumps all of the machinations that they are doing, it is what it is , an effort to influence the Municipal Elections, by proxy. I wonder if JT has been selling out our town to gain some favours I can't wait to see the backside of that slimey, crawley, reptile that lives under a rock .some where near the racetrack.

  17. Depending who gets elected we could still see a Tower on Bay Beach. Mc Dermott in Ward One, Schular in Two, Zanko in three, Butler in four give Coucil a pro Condo majority. All four are stated Condo advocates. Right after the election the deal is a trade of lawsuit dropped in exchange for a Tower built on the Beach. Think this was not thought of long ago?

  18. The Town of Fort Erie is in the hands of the Dark Side & in my opinion Ridgeway & Crystal beach need to separate themselves from Fort Erie & join Port Colborne.
    Never in the history of any Municipality in Ontario or in Canada has so much has gone on. Law suits on a annual basis which are weak but cause trouble & cost the Town Insurance company hundred of thousands of dollars. Maybe the Town should be dissolved & joined with N falls. It is obvious that there are some very nasty people that will do anything to crush the taxpayers of both CB & Ridgeway to get what they want. The region is now run by old Fort Erie management & maybe they still believe that the Beach is a prime target for Development, frankly what do they care as they do not live in CB & they look upon it as some sort of cash cow.
    In my opinion this law suit is timed perfectly to control the out come of the election.
    A back door event to re instate the tower. Get the right people in place to approve the development screw the locals. And Frankly I "think Mayor Martin is part of this lawsuit ' his going away present to the 4" unfortunately the town is also being sued.

    1. A friend say's the same and added the words Extortion.


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