Sunday, July 19, 2015


Well, first. Let's hope that the predicted thunderstorms don't land in Crystal Beach during the Waterfront Park Concert with The Remnants tonight (Sunday.)  The second in the concert series sponsored by The Friends of Crystal Beach will feature songs of the 60s and 70s. The popular events attract hundreds out for the free concerts. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy.

UPDATE: A few rain drops fell; the wind was wild; but quite a few music lovers were treated to a great evening from a stellar band, The Remnants. Even the mayor and his wife showed up. Next big date is August 9 when the Toronto All Star Big Band brings its sound back for the fifth year. 

SATURDAY: JULY 25 - CIRCLE OF ART at Queen's Circle in Crystal Beach. 10:00 am - 5:00 p.m. Check out what local artists are doing. Another event in our walkable community.

But first,

On Friday, July 24, lawyers for both sides in the now dismissed conflict of interest case will meet again in court to decide the costs of the case and who will pay them. Hint: Tim Whitfield may be on the hook for a great deal of the costs not covered by insurance since it was his name on the lawsuit against The Four. 

Just another reminder of the "community-minded citizens" who pledged their support for this lawsuit which has has succeeded in ruining the reputations of four innocent men who were trying to represent the people who voted them into office in 2010. Now they have been vindicated, but the damage was done. Which is why the lawsuit was brought forth in the first place. Let's hope the following keep their promise to support Tim Whitfield (A.K.A. Strawman):

Here is the list as copied from the official list supplied by the court:

1. Bridgeburg Holdings Limited
1625 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M4

Owner: James Miller

2.  Zavcor Trucking
3650 Eagle Street
P.O. Box 180
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0

Owner: Kirk Zavitz

3.  1049506 Ontario Inc
2045 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M4

Owner: William Miller

4. Garrison Square Plaza Inc.
6150 Valley Way, Suite 104
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 1Y3

Owner: Artaj Singh

5.  Howard Beattie, Valerie Beattie
649 Lakeshore Road
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1B8

6. Employment Professionals Canada
1220 Garrison Road
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1P1

Owner: Marina Butler

Marina Butler is the most interesting name on this list. She brought a compliance audit request against John Hill shortly after the 2010 election where he won over incumbent Tim Whitfield (there's that name again) in a landslide. A costly, taxpayer-funded exercise in revenge, the compliance audit netted nothing of any note in Hill's financial statement for election expenses. Then she allegedly went on the fund a nasty billboard and a slanderous flyer that was put in residents' mail boxes. Of course, only Kim Zanko (oh, another name we have become familiar with) accepted responsibility for the actions, citing a "group of concerned citizens" as the donors.

Flash forward to 2014 and looky here! Marina Butler runs against John Hill and beats him handily! What a surprise. Well played, Marina. Well played. You and your "concerned citizen" friends managed to disrupt the democratic process with a well-planned campaign to unseat four duly-elected councillors who demonstrated  that they were not going to fall into line behind the mayor-by-five-votes and the rogue EDTC head honcho. So, in your mind, Marina, and those of your "concerned citizens," all well-known and well-heeled, the town must be rid of these elected officials - one way or the other.

Project 4-2-0 was almost a complete success. It's all yours now, Marina and friends. You can do your worst - and it looks like you're right on track to drive property taxes into the ozone. Stand up for the regular folks of Fort Erie? Of course not. You and your "concerned citizens" will continue to stick together. You will take that to the bank (laughing all the way.)

Lest we forget that this is what "concerned citizens" with money are capable of doing.


  1. Yes as I recall. Kim Zanko was noted as the spokesperson for the "concerned citizens" group in a local paper. It seems to me she distanced herself rather quickly from the flyer and billboards that slandered 4 duly elected Councillors.

    I also recall that Marina Butler had a quote in that flyer that called Councillors liars, just as the billboards called them liars.

    Now those two sit on Council.

  2. Those people including the local newspaper manipulate the election!

  3. The proposed Master Plan for Bay Beach will be discussed at tonight's Council. A delegation by Donna Hinde who is the project leader will be presented.
    Will the "return on investment' Councillors speak up? Can we trust what they say?

    The truth is that Steve Pessaro, Marina Butler and Kim Zanko wanted a privately owned 12 storey condo on our public beachfront.

  4. CorruptionFighterJuly 21, 2015 at 11:22 AM

    It's just short of criminal how the local press has not said 2 words about the behind the scenes destruction at public expense that is common here and always for someones personal $$$ or political gain. Wouldn't have expected anything less from Kris Dube being related to Dirty Doug and incapable of thinking beyond the old FE norms but the current staff at the Post and Times are just as guilty now as well.

    I suppose they were all absent when the lessons of journalistic integrity were taught.

    Fort Stupid, where if you're aint dirty you're aint nothing.......

  5. view_from_the_beachJuly 21, 2015 at 7:22 PM

    A question posed

    Considering Donald Trump is using the same "game plan" in his run for US president as Carl Paladino uses as a of the Buffalo School Board member..

    Is it any wonder why Thibert/Martin and Co. find Carl so appealing?

  6. I.B. Fishin'July 21, 2015 at 9:49 PM

    Thats not the half of it. Have a look at Carls Wiki page. Appealing? To guys like JT and Domar this guy must look like a minor god. Now he and his associates own a fine piece of town property, a deal that went through with JT's help. Not to say the Dotrum wouldnt make a fine prez, but only if youre ready for WW3. The real estate/ developer trade sure attracts a few live ones. Self centred doesent even begin to describe those


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