Saturday, January 2, 2016


Glad 2015 is over. It was a tough one for many people, especially some who I care about a great deal. Many losses.

I'll leave it at that. So, what's in store for the New Year?

Can we hope that the Fort Erie EDTC is hauled on the carpet to explain the millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent and no jobs or real economic development? A bunch of pie-in-the-sky illusions does not bring jobs and prosperity to a town. They only bring ridicule and embarrassment. And speaking of embarrassments, the EDTC GM certainly brings that to the party. His foul-mouthed manner brings all kinds of interest to Fort Erie. His "other job" at the race track certainly gives him ample exposure to horse manure which he shovels to the locals in massive quantities.

But, enough about Jimmy. How about those Chamber Maids and C of C flunkies on council? They're right there for the regular folks, aren't they? We hear that a couple of them are discouraged because the Great Unwashed are keeping them busy with, I-don't-know, "problems." Sure cuts into social time with Chamber Colleagues. Oh Boo-Hoo.

Some good news: The Four were reimbursed for their legal fees, paid for the S.L.A.P.P. Lawsuit started by you-know-who and the former mayor-by-five-votes. Poor losers abusing the system to destroy the reputations of duly-elected representatives. A dark time indeed. And the darkness is still evident.

Got a chance to see the fine movie "Spotlight." It tells the story of a massive cover-up of pedophilia by priests in the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts and the investigative reporters who uncovered the policy. Definitely going to win some Academy Awards. It points out what is needed for a society to function properly - an unbiased press that is not afraid to investigate and report the truth. That is in short supply here in Fort Erie.

Which brings me to the second movie that inspired me: "Trumbo." It's the story of a screen writer, who along with others in the movie industry in the late forties, was subjected to Blacklisting for being a member of the Communist Party. The fear-mongering and hatred for those who had a different political opinion was intense. (Reminded me how The Four were treated by a few after they were elected to Fort Erie Town Council in 2010.) In the end, the so-called Hollywood Ten prevailed but they paid a huge price, again, like The Four.

I just hope that 2016 brings awareness to the people of this great little town. Awareness of how self-serving people have been in control of everything and that nothing out of their wheelhouse is tolerated. Just remember the expensive billboards, fliers, ads, lawsuits and whispering campaigns that have been waged to stop anyone who dares to question the Powers that Be.

Take Care, Everyone.


  1. I wouldn't hold your breath Madam Editor on waiting for changes around here. Things are back to their old considered norm in Fort Stupid with it seems 2 types of people. Those who are in on it(or the real dumb asses who blindly support it) and those too stoned to care. We have examples in open council of, for instance, The Butt brazenly ignoring council agenda to ram through property variances for her rich and connected friends(who helped pay for the lawsuits against TheFour) and no one says a word, specially the watch dogs of society, the press. With a hand picked council of CofC, EDTC and ol boy flunkies, Jimmie Dirt Bag + cronies can get away with anything short of murder. How Mr Lubberts stomachs this constant filth is worthy of a Nobel prize!

    Better that anyone of conscience or intelligence pack up and leave lest you be sued with tax payer $$$$ for questioning massive waste, graft and greed so a few insiders can benefit.

    Yup things are back to ``normal`` here.

  2. Have to laugh at Culacs last damp piece of fluff in the Post.His own personal year end "love in" to himself, and a sign off to hate hippies for your amusement. It looks like James missed the 60s but sold out to the TV and his soon to be leash holder for a bungo in the burbs. The joke continues.

  3. Have been out of the Country most of December missed the terrible storms in the deep South by a whisker, January 1st 2016 The legislation allowing the Ontario Ombudsman to investigate Municipal Councils for alleged misdeeds came into effect, long time coming , we can now launch the many complaints that we have with this band of thieves and shed light on their corrupt practises. praise Jah on this good news.!!!

  4. The Bay Beach plans have been approved by Council. It was a long hard grass roots victory!
    I'm surprised at the low level of news coverage.

    1. My only thought is that this was what should have been done from the get-go back in 2001 when the property was first bought by the town. Many of us thought that the town would start planning to turn the property into a parkland for the people. Instead, it was used by certain so-called "people's representatives" as a cash cow to be sold/given away in exchange for (fill in the blank.) Sixteen years lost to the fight to save the property for the people. Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful.

      Then there is the "war" waged against the people by the mayor-by-five-votes and his cronies when they decided to sue The Four in retribution for them getting elected by people who were sick of the way the town was being run. IMHO certain people should be in jail, yet the still walk free.

      I look forward to the day that Rebstock Park and beach become a source of pride for Fort Erie.

  5. I wouldn't count my chickens till they're hatched Madam Editor.

    Not in this town where it's sooooo easy to pull the wool over the voters eyes to fill some insider's pocket. Just release a completely asinine story to the Propaganda Times and half the town is screaming to GIVE AWAY our last and best beach for "amenities"(read a shitter in the sand).

    Only in Fort Stupid is taking candy off babies so easy.

    PS....maybe Jimmie Dirt Bag can earn some of that sunshine list pay, do his job and promote Rebstock Park. There's irony........

  6. Rebstock Park! About time. Cant remember the last park established here in a long time. A sports field doesent count. They are not parks no matter how they try to spin it. There have been some very fine natural areas sold off without a mumble from council about protecting these areas for the future citizens as parkland. Some places have to pass laws regarding the percent of land developed vs the percent parkland protected. Greed, mismanagement and lack of foresight is nothing new. Only here they have raised it to the level of an artform. Build, tax and waste. Our focus your future? Right. Sure. Lets hope they dont blow this Rebstock park idea too.

  7. Talking of lack of foresight the Mayor elected because he has a vision for the future of our Town, the person who squandered $20 million dollars out of $36 million the Town got from slots while he was Mayor last time. We are never going to find out what happened to those funds, much like the Stephen Passero collection of funds when he took over from the girl from Stevensville, 7 years of collecting for the pool, what did he do with them, Finance his election campaign. ??


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