Thursday, June 8, 2017


I'm taking a break from the Comey Hearing to note that Scott Heron was denied in the appeal of the 2015 sentencing for his conviction in the infamous Cheese Smuggling Case. Scott Heron, a Niagara Regional Police officer has been suspended without pay since the lucrative cheese smuggling cabal came to light when another NRP officer was charged in a steroid smuggling case and sang like a bird. Disgraced Officer Geoff Purdy served up his colleagues as part of a plea bargain with the US federal justice system to lower his jail sentence in the US. Included in the Cheese Deal was Bernie Polino, a local restaurant operator. Bernie has pretty much disappeared after paying a fine and walking away from jail time. His own snack bar and his in-law's restaurant have since closed. Another police officer was forced to resign over the smuggling matter as well.

 Heron, who was a business partner of Bernie, was also involved in a fatal accident on the QEW in 2009 when he was a passenger in a truck driven by his friend Andy Passero, who was killed. (There were many unanswered questions at the time of the accident which remain unanswered to this day.) 

Heron has enjoyed a long reputation as cop who operates by his own moral compass, so there are many who are cheered by the decision, although many also feel that Heron and Polino got off easy. Heron will not suffer; he has many "friends" who owe him favours, thanks to his years as a police officer. 

I remember too well the harassment I suffered from certain members of the NRP at the behest of a friend or two of these disgraces to the badge. 


  1. CorruptionFighterJune 10, 2017 at 4:42 PM

    Fort Stupid.....where it's cool to be dirty

  2. Heron, used to spend an enormous amount of time at my neighbours, while on duty, his police car was parked in the driveway, much about the death of his friend never appeared in the local press, so we have another cover up. I out found information via an honest policeman, so no surprise at a cover up. hear say is not valid but I believe in the info.being legitimate.

    1. These guys give law enforcement a bad name. There have been stories about Heron and some of his colleagues floating around for years,none of them good.

  3. just wondering if anyone here is following the major debacle at the NPCA with local good ol boy, very well connected Sandy at the helm. Seems he feels the NPCA has nothing to do with protecting the environment from developers shovels, only helping them destroy it. I guess conservation has a new meaning round these parts.

    Sound familiar ? It should, as he was all for giving beaches away here to deep pocketed developers. The boy knows where his bread is buttered and has no problem screwing with public resources to achieve his agenda. $$$$$. We can't afford his ego or skewed moral compass.

    1. So predictable and so wrong. Did you see the hit piece by James Culic about the Bay Beach situation? I called it when it happened - the dog and pony show about Bay Beach where the facilitators took the suggestions of people in "workshops" about the future of the property: Bullshit!

      I am so depressed right now about what is happening in the US that I have become cynical about everything else. You just can't win with these MFers. They have no conscience.


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