Tuesday, December 31, 2013


For many of us, this is a joyous day: The Day The Molinaros Walked Away from the Bay Beach Project.

Although many of us are pleased, we are also aware of the tremendous price we paid to save our beachfront property from a high rise development.

And we also realize it is not over and we will be blamed for every failure and business loss in Fort Erie going forward.

All because we worked to save a waterfront park area for the people. Since the property was bought by the town in 2001, community groups have worked to improve the land. But it seemed that some at town hall had other things in mind for the Bay Beach Properties, especially the carpetbagging town planner, Rino Mostacci. His grand vision included high rises all along the shore of Bay Beach, starting with the giveaway of public land to the Molinaros in exchange for an ever-decreasing list of amenities. He has since left to take his costly dreams elsewhere, but he left behind a deal that was flawed from the get-go and one that was objected to by the very people who live in or visit Crystal Beach.

The people fought back through legal channels, proving only that the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ontario Municipal Board way too often rule in favour of developers; they do little to protect regular citizens and endangered species from wanton development. It took a continued and unrelenting effort on the part of the so-call NIMBYs to finally convince the Molinaros that it is not in their best interest to continue their plans. It took a plan and people with the guts to keep at it to save our beachfront. Those who worked to keep the property in public hands were subjected to all sorts of abuse and harassment. It cost many a lot of money to be part of lawsuits and legal challenges.

It was definitely a case of David vs. Goliath.  David seems to have won.

This is not over by a long shot. We must come together as a community to work out a plan to fix up the Bay Beach Properties. Grants need to be applied for (as none were under during Mostacci's reign.)  Fundraising and the demolition of the old snack bar must be done as soon as possible. We need only look to other communities like Grand Bend to see what can be achieved.

We know it can be done.

We've been waiting years for the chance.

PS. In other news, the Canadian Motor Speedway has enlisted the help of a psychic for its public relations team. The psychic predicts that the CMS will be a great economic benefit to the area. Can we bet on that?


  1. I was going to wait until the new year to re-activate this blog, but today's news cannot be ignored. Most people are not yet aware of the news; they have more important things to do on this New Year's Eve. Today, I am also thinking of what the new year will bring in the form of new and more vicious harassment of the four councillors and those who worked so hard to keep the property in public hands. Hell hath no fury ... Meanwhile, Tim Whitfield awaits his chance at revenge against the man who beat him by a landslide in the last election and three others. Not much of a life, living in a garage, no business, no wife, no house.

  2. this seems way to be good to be true.............tell me this isn't an early and cruel April fools joke.......if true, it's a very good way to start off the new year!!

    next to get rid of the NOT4NASCAR which in no way will benefit the majority of the town. Quite the opposite as who wants to live near garbage dumps, large airports or loud speedways employing (contrary to the 4 THOUSAND jobs martin claims) a handful of part timers paid the same as any fast food restaurant.

    Thank you Madam Editor for providing a conduit once again to counter the old boys club and their hell bent get rich/ anything to get re-elected/ screw the town schemes.

  3. Glad to see you back, CF. I was just over on the ninja blog to see what Greggers has to say and it was all quite predictable. There is one poster who did bring up some interesting points and questions. She was called names for expressing her opinion which varied a bit from NinjaSpeak. The Kinsmen Pool is back on the docket. The ninjas blame the council for not saving the pool which had already been declared dead. A local group is looking to buy the pool. Good luck to them on that. They would be better off to find another site and build a brand new pool. The Kinsman Pool is old and completely shot. Even Rick Shular, councillor and Kinsmen elder, agrees that it is beyond repair. Notice how quiet he was when Stephen Passero (I'm-running-for-mayor-and-I-promise-to-save-the-Kinsmen-Pool) was blathering on about the private take-over of the pool. (Pool must be in working order for Stephen's group to buy. Duh.)

    Would love to see a clean, safe, handicap-accessible outdoor pool for the kids in Fort Erie but it will not be the current Kinsmen Pool.

  4. Am I reading this right? Now you will be going after stopping the Canadian Motor Speedway?

  5. No, Ken. I am not working to stop the CMS. However, it is my opinion that it is a bad idea for Fort Erie and I predict that it will never happen. (I'm not a psychic, but I sometimes pretend I am one. I do so like turbans.)

  6. Congratulations Sharon on defeating the wickedness in this town. Now that we know the ending, you can finally write "The Silence of the Toads"

  7. I was thinking the same thing. Someone needs to write a book about this struggle. I am hoping that this is the beginning of a year where the windows are opened and the fresh air of honesty flows through this town. We have a great town here with loads of potential. Once the greedy, corrupt ones step aside, we can do wonders.

  8. Oh, and thanks for the compliment but I was just a reporter and instigator. Lots of others worked hard and suffered greatly for the cause. This is far from over for the wicked ones are planning all sorts of misery on those who opposed the Fawlty Tower on our beachfront land.

  9. Happy New Year Sharon!!! What a great way to start the year!

  10. We must all get going on plans for our precious public waterfront. It is only 400 feet wide, we can not accommodate everything.
    I think most importantly we need suitable washrooms and change rooms up and out of the flood zone. Also a building that really is a public pavilion with a food concession.

    For sure the MNR will require a toad habitat in the dunes. A Fowler's toad information centre could be a tourist draw. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a reputation in Crystal Beach that we care about nature and our environment!


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