Wednesday, January 8, 2014


QUESTION: Did anyone else notice the similarity between Jim Thibert's budget presentation to council the other night and New Jersey governor Chris Christie's press conference on Thursday? All righty then.

Well, the Economic Development's self-proclaimed guru presented his corporation's budget tonight at town hall on Wednesday, January 8.

He did a brilliant job of laying the blame for Fort Erie's economic woes on everyone except him and the EDTC.

"If you're on food stamps, then you're not so smart," he said about anyone who can't get a job. (Thibert "hired and fired" many PhDs, doncha know?)There are plenty of jobs, according to Thibert, but no one has the skills necessary.  At one point, he launched into a pseudo-Chinese accent to make the point that his arm's length corporation is not an employment service. Yet he uses that argument to ask for more funds for his corporation. (Update: unemployment figures released on January 10 show a rise in unemployment all over Canada with Niagara topping the stats.) 

As time went on, Thibert slipped into his usual abrasive stance; he refused to answer a question from Councillor Bob Steckley and quickly engaged in his standard bully maneuvers.

"Jimmy, Jimmy" yelled the female voice coming from his cell phone mid-remark. Oops again. Hope it was his wife.

The Man-Who-Never-Apologizes repeated his insulting, profanity-laced remarks that some find so endearing. He tried (and succeeded - at least to the peanut gallery audience) that the problems his corporation faces are the fault of a council "without leadership." Translation for the uninformed: the "leader" of the town is the mayor. He is also the chair of the council. Oops, that would be Doug Martin, Thibert's BFF.

"If you don't like what the messenger is saying, then look in the mirror," concluded Jim Thibert.

Comments on the report were made after a short recess. The budget request will be brought up on the 29th for a vote.

Bob Steckley continued to question the large reserve of the EDTC in light of its supplemental budget request. Shular did not disappoint with his smorgasbord of word misuse.  Does he not know that he fails so often in shooting for the big words, only to use a close, but completely wrong word? 

Don Lubberts wants to have a thorough going over of the information which was just presented to council Wednesday. 

Thibert was certainly on this evening and he was able to bellow and bloviate his way through the session. 

Of course, the guy who dresses like a Mormon missionary saw his chance to throw in some electioneering by taking some cheap shots at other members of council.  BTW, where does he operate his business from? Can't find out.

Remember this? Courtesy of the EDTC?  Way to go! Then the mayor says that Fort Erie is "Closed for Business."



    MILLIONS of DOLLARS spent by the good citizens of this town for basically an annual grandstand in council performance by a no talent/qualification blow hard with a colour brochure. Enough is enough, was a long time ago and still we pay major bucks for this clown to piss off the hands that feeds him. The banners and vocal anti-Liberal campaign by the track was an indicator of how far from reality this idiot is. You think whoever is in power in Queens Park is going to forget this, come budget time?? Way to go Jimmy you probably had the hand on the hammer that drove in the last nail on that one. I could go on with a complete list of his failures and shortcomings but it is easier to list his successes........which are....which are....which are??? Glance out the window next time you're driving around town and anyone can see this town is in serious decline.

    Close down the EDTC, move one or two good talented staffers to the town hall, give them a desk and have them report to the town hall/council as everyone else does PERIOD. Saves at least 2/3's the EDTC budget and we get, drum roll please, ACCOUNTABILTY!!

    1. Exactly right, CF. The four councillors are in for the fight of their lives against these guys (and one camp follower.) They will stop at nothing to discredit the four. Jim Thibert came to council unprepared and full of bluster and braggadocio. People from outside the area do pay attention to the goings-on and many cannot believe this man still has his job. He deliberately came unprepared to answer questions and he deliberately avoided answering them - especially those questions directly associated with his budget request. Hope that the councillors truly "follow the money." The answer is there.

  2. Thibert kept excusing his poor record of Economic Development telling Council "You are perceived as Not Open For Business".
    The only terrible thing that Steckley, Hill, Collard and Lubberts did was GET ELECTED.

    Didn't Thibert back Kimberly Zanko who was the initial spokeperson for the Coalition for Better Business Practices. That is the group that launched the child with sandcastle nasty pamphlet, billboard and then followed up with the "pants on fire" attack billboard.
    Mayor Martin then broadcast over radio and newspapers that, Fort Erie is Closed for Business. Is Thibert not a hypocrite, to put it mildly?

    1. Exactly, Meg. Everything that Thibert said was to take attention away from his failings. All that negativity directed at the province cannot help the town's cause, nor can Martin's remarks about Fort Erie being "Closed for Business." We have a lot of work ahead of us to educate the voters about the lies they have been told. We will be up against a lot of money and dirty tricks. The biggest problem will be the actual election which will be conducted in the half-assed way it has been done in the past using the same machines that brought a victory for Dubya. Please, Canadians. Get involved in the upcoming election. The will of the people cannot be destroyed by Old Boys Club and its followers.

  3. Jimmy Thibert also emphasized that Council should stand united. What a laugh with lame duck martin leading the way to charge his own Council with a Conflict of Interest lawsuit. Lame duck martin didn't mind the democratic process the previous term when he often got his way with 5 to 2 votes.
    One of those 5 to 2 circumstances was when Noyes and Steckley wanted to ask Regional Government for financial help from their designated fund to improve the Bay Beach property. That was the time Shular used one of his famous lines "that's apples and oranges"!

  4. Just read this article about jobs In December Ontario lost 39,000 jobs Maybe the 4 will get blamed for this too by those ninja fighting warriors protecting the Fort

  5. Gotta love JT's logic when he yaps on about how "this council" doesn't have any idea of all the goings on prior to any development or proposal yet this same council is responsible for all that doesn't happen.
    Perhaps Mr T YOU are the one that's dropping the ball eh? Or could it be a couple of you're hand picked town staffers that are missing the mark?
    I say old man, how could "the 4" be screwing things up when according to you they are unaware of the deals you're greasing the rails for?
    Here's a clue for you Jimbo:
    By NOW even those whom owe you their livelyhood see your inability to accept responsibility for your complete but continued failure.
    Come a day or so after the next election it would be to everyone's best interests to send your ass on down the road
    Ya see pal, it ain't necessarily personal it's just politics.
    (But in your case we'll make an exception)

    1. According to the ninjas, I will be going to jail soon for printing such comments. No slander here; just the truth. I think it was very clear Wednesday night just who really runs this town. When will people wake up?

  6. To all the frustrated ninjas with the big blue gonads and the intestinal fortitude and all that good stuff. Surely there is something in the ninja art of war manual on the importance of knowing thy enemy. Epic fail !

    Your enemy is NOT American summer residents. Your enemy is all of us that opposed the condo and you will find us living and working in every ward in this town. We mostly voted for the four councilors you're unable to understand and we nearly defeated the man you imagine as our visionary leader. Many really smart, educated Canadians recognized the condo as a dumb idea - dumb.

    Of the options available, Americans are either our first or second most important market. Even the EDTC recognizes the contribution American investment has made to the betterment of our community over several generations. Isn't it the mark of a despotic regime that blames outsiders for internal problems. Xenophobic much ? Someone should apologize to our American friends on your behalf because this is embarrassing. Try and be gracious ninja hosts.

    Mr. Market has spoken and although you're unhappy with the result, the fact is that there simply weren't enough people interested in buying a condo. I know I know. If only we'd really really liked the condo, buyers would have arrived by the boatload. Wrong. If the condo was really really a good idea, buyers would have ignored our protest bought aggressively.

    The developer made a smart business decision and exercised the option. Hats off.

    In spite of these facts, you and your handlers seem to be doing everything possible to imagine an apocalyptic lawsuit and to promote to the investor class the idea that investing in the viable opportunities we do have, as unwise. That you find glee in this bewilders the mind of the rational citizen. Speaking of truthy facts, your very own Schlange admitted in the end that the condo would contribute very little if any positive annual cash flow to municipal coffers bla bla bla ...

  7. Some good points Super Dave.

    I for one never could figure out how an apartment building was going to produce jobs jobs jobs and thus turn around the entire Fort Erie economy as put forth by martin and his minions at one point.

    Now the dark side has yet again changed their tune and the proposed Bay Beach disaster was supposedly only a conduit to future growth/investment etc and anyone with a differing opinion has deliberately hamstrung future investment of any type. (These differing opinions are magically worse if you don't hold a Canadian passport or cannot claim family living locally for multiple generations).

    According to our 5 vote, open ballot box mayor "we have closed this town to business" by opposing stupidity and a few insiders financial plans. What a statement for our so called leader to make. Right up there with his laughing stock of the province comments. Clearly his ego/position/power/bank statements are far more important than the greater good of the people(all the people Dougie not just your small club, but the other 29,000 or so as well) that he is paid to represent.


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