Sunday, February 2, 2014


Can't help it. I am fascinated by the Governor Chris Christie situation. He is facing possible impeachment for his alleged involvement in the closing of three crucial lanes on the busiest bridge in the world as well as alleged misappropriation of Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds.  The story keeps getting bigger and better as, one-by-one, his closest advisers fall under the weight of federal and state subpoenas.

Late Friday, his former adviser and appointee to the powerful Port Authority, David Wilstein, revealed, through his lawyer, that Christie knew of the planned shutdown early in September 2013. The shutdown of the lanes from Fort Lee, New Jersey  caused massive back-ups on the bridge.  The excuse given was that a "traffic study" was underway for four days. Christie has always maintained that he knew nothing about it until early January of this year. Wilstein's bombshell revelation is part of his bid for immunity and coverage of his massive legal bills.

What really got me laughing was Christie's response via e-mail.Something about it sounded familiar. Oh yeah, I know now. It was similar to a recent rant by some other blogger who threw out a bunch of accusations, hoping that it would sway people's opinion. Christie even mentioned that Wilstein was once "an anonymous blogger."  LOL. Big mistake for Christie because he often used that "anonymous blogger" to further his agenda while he was a prosecutor with an eye on the governor's office. He personally appointed Wilstein to the post at the Port Authority.

What I have gotten out of this whole Christie fiasco is that he is a bully who decided to bully a whole town because it did not fall in line behind him and its state representative defied him over judicial appointments. What has been revealed is the threats and intimidation he served up to various mayors and representatives who did not support his initiatives - and developer friends. What will eventually cause his impeachment is proof of his deliberate channeling of Sandy Relief Funds to places where his developer friends had projects, regardless whether the towns were severely affected by the hurricane.

Does this sound slightly familiar on a much smaller scale?  Is the campaign against me, your not-anonymous blogger an attempt to shut me up or shut me down - take your pick? Seems that way. Which actually encourages me to keep on. Shows me that this blog is serving its original purpose: to offer another view of what's going on in Fort Erie.  And it seems to be getting through to many people that all is not as it seems in Fort Erie and that there has been a concerted effort to squash the voice of the people.

In 2010, the voters elected a council, four of whom were offering different views than the mayor. Since then, blogs and even the mayor and his cronies have done everything they can, including filing a lawsuit against the four, to drive them out of office.


Now, what does that tell you?  

It tells me that something isn't right in Fort Erie. It also shows me how desperate the mayor and his cronies are to continue their agenda.  So desperate they are that they decided to use taxpayer dollars (around $25,000.) to sue me. This, you would think, was their greatest achievement since the last election, the way their bloggers go on about it.  Yeah, real show of co-operation and caring by the mayor & company. Sue a blogger; sue four duly-elected councillors and allow a pathetic display of partisanship to play out at a council meeting.

Yeah, that's leadership, eh?

BTW: Kimberly Zanko and Marina Butler are their favoured candidates in the attempt to take back control of the council. These two have been part of the mayor's network, colleagues of Jim Thibert and ardent followers of the Old Boys' agenda. Marina Butler has been hankering for John Hill's Ward 4 seat for years and she heavily supported Kimberly Zanko's unsuccessful bid for Bob Steckley's seat in Ward 3 in 2010. Tim Whitfield, who was ousted by a landslide in Ward 4, is the man behind the lawsuit against the four councillors. Apparently though, he is destitute after a fire destroyed his house last fall.  So his friend, former (defeated) councillor Martha Lockwood, tried to get her service club to donate money to him.  Meanwhile he assured the court that he is financially able to bring the lawsuit as he has to be able to pay court costs if the suit is thrown out. Hmmm.


  1. Has Sandy Annunziata started campaigning for Mayor? If he does, he should be asked why he squashed the proposed development at the Coal Docks before he left his office as Ward 1 Councillor.

    Has Steve Pessaro ever asked why the development at the Coal Docks was squashed?
    Steve has always maintained that he is for All Development, even Bad Development.

    I think the plans for the Coal Docks would have REVITALIZED that ward, however if the community didn't want it for some reason, I would not interfere. Maybe it would have been bad for the environment.

    1. It just goes to show you that Sandy was allowed to "protect" the coal docks from development of a high rise (even though the area was zoned for it) while the former council moved to rezone and set up a developer to use public waterfront land in Bay Beach. I didn't hear much opposition to the idea of a high rise at the coal docks, yet that waterfront property gets a reprieve from development. Yes, if Sandy runs, he will have a lot of questions to answer.

  2. Now days Sandy says that he is impartial regarding the Molinaro Condo Development. Impartial? He along with Martha Lockwood and Tim Whitfield with mayor martin's 4th vote passed the development. Even though the respected Robert's Rules clearly states that if there is a controversial matter, it should be voted down.

    That was a 4 to 3 vote in the previous term. In those days a 4 to 3 vote was considered democratic.
    Why then, in this current term is a 4 to 3 vote considered a Conflict of Interest?

  3. This next municipal election will be key for the future of this town.

    We have a very aggressive and entrenched old boy network already hard at work to "take back" what they deem is their entitlement. The current situation of "The Four" took them by surprise as they were blinded by their arrogance and long standing at the public trough. This will not be the case in October and clearly they are not making the mistakes of taking things for granted again. They will go to extremes as evidenced by the Whitfield/Martin suit to silence the democratic process or even the last election in which Kim Zanko was well financed(by whom do you think??) to try and take ward 3 from Bob Steckley.

    All of this boils down to just naked power, greed and money. If they have the power, they have the money and to hell with the other 29,000 or more of us. An UGLY truth but it's that simple. It has absolutely nothing to do with what is good for the town or it's future though they will go to great lengths to say different.

    Be very aware of what's at stake here voters. THE FOUR and their supporters have gone to great lengths to try and rid this town of the costly and stupid cronyism of the old boys club.

    SUPPORT THE FOUR (and support the democratic process)

  4. ninjaism of the dayFebruary 3, 2014 at 11:19 AM

    A direct quote from Doug & Jim's HATE CENTRAL website
    "You will never see Mayor Martin EVER stop someone from expressing an opinion."

    1. WHAT IS THIS A JOKE? How many times has he stopped people who were speaking because they were not telling him what he wanted to hear? Look what he did and does to Richard Berry, who actually when I saw Lesley and Marina Speak at the 1st or one of the council meeting with this new council it was a Complete embarrassment and they should of been stopped right away!! They Attacked some of the new council members and Marina left the podium to verbally John Hill!! She should of been stopped and escorted out!

  5. Last Monday's special council meeting was an example of Martin allowing "someone from expressing an opinion" - his opinion. I have also seen many delegations stopped in their tracks when the mayor perceived that they were "going off topic." It's all there, folks, captured forever on audio and, for some, on video. What an arrogant, small-minded piece of work Martin has become since his perfect little world was upset by the voters of Fort Erie. Must have been really tough when he won by a mere five votes. What an embarrassment!

    Yes, Martin is an embarrassment - available for your listening pleasure any time.

  6. does the dark side remember their King....

    -banning a citizen from attending council??
    -turning off mics during council??
    -allowing bullying during council??
    -convenient early recesses during council??
    -hijacking this community's newspaper for years thru his "nephew" to spread propaganda/innuendo/truth "distortion"
    -using our tax dollars to fight a 5 vote recount(from open ballot boxes.....oops they accidently fell!!)
    -using our tax $$ to sue his own council!!
    -telling a regional councillor to"mind his F-ing business"
    -getting physical with his own councillor

    This is only what comes readily to mind and what is common recent knowledge(what has gone on in all those dark back rooms over the years ??). This 30 year political career is loaded with such dirty acts.

    Muzzling, twisting, contorting the democratic process for power and $$$ is his career!!

    SUPPORT THE FOUR (support democracy, allow your voice to be heard)

    1. Regarding the defection of the nephew, he must have finally had enough of the undue influence. Anyone remember Mark Laden? The previous editor of The Times? He left in a hurry, probably because he would not play ball with the Old Boys. Also remember the old anti-Strand blog called CB Stranded? It was started by Mike Cloutier and a reporter from another major newspaper (not Kris Dube.) I could have cost the guy his job because he was using the computer at work to spread crap about me. This is just a small example of the things that have gone on in this town. The whole lawsuit against me was merely to shut me up. If people do not realize this and all you've pointed out, CF then they are doomed.

  7. According to someone present the open ballot boxes were due to "old tape not sticking" This statement from a town staff who entered poll 2 leaving another town staff outside alone with the old tape boxes. Hopefully lessons learned and we can hope for a fair election process this year.

    1. In the 2006 election, witnesses told me that the ballot boxes for Ward 4 were to be transported by car to town hall for counting. The car was unaccounted for for at least a half hour longer than a drive to town hall would take. That was the year Tim Whifield beat Richard Berry by a small margin.

      The election should be overseen by a third party, not by town hall staff.

  8. Well, well, well. Tonight's council meeting was like a breath of fresh air. No Mayor Martin. Tonight was proof that the problems in council directly fall in the lap of Hizzoner. Who knew? The people who live bear the former Rose Seaton School got the special town treatment. Blindsided by the agenda that came out last Friday showing that the issue would be discussed at tonight's meeting. No chance for delegations to make arrangements to attend. One woman who did attend expressed her distrust of the process. (Yeah, we've been there - those opposed to the Molinaro Project.) Councillor Schular was unplugged from his Old Boy IV and asked the question: Can the Molinaros or another group come back and get the go-ahead to build on the Bay Beach Properties? The answer is a qualified "yes." Oh Rick, you weren't supposed to give that away. We knew that was the plan and why you guys and gals are so anxious to take control of council. Really. Donnie Lubberts saw that coming from a mile off and tried to rescind the zoning but found out it is "way too complicated" and, once again set up in favour of developers. Planner Brady even had to say that the award-winning Crystal Beach Neighbourhood Plan of 2005 did not have a "secondary plan" and was therefore not supported (even though the secondary plan was not a requirement when it was voted (and carried) in 2005.

    So, the Kabuki Dance goes on. Behind the greasepaint and fans still lie some people who are committed to see the condo tower take place. Someone who made a promise and received considerations for that promise?

  9. Sell the Beach to the Region and get us out of this mess. Its the only way for a win win.Only then will we be able to move on and not have the Beach as another election issue.

  10. Edited to keep Jim Thibert from contacting his taxpayer-paid lawyers again.

    What irks me so much today. For over three years Peter K was the voice for Jim Thibert. Peter bragged almost daily how he stopped potential businesses from investing in FE.

    During Thiberts State Of FE BS speech Thibert states some council members need to work together as a team. How can it be that 4 elected councillors are the problem Jim when your friend Peter K bragged about stopping potential investors in FE? So who is responsible for all this mayhem, Jim? Peter K for spreading his propaganda or YOU Jim the GM of EDTC?

    What really really and I mean what really irks me is the fact at Thiberts 2013 speech he insults women by calling them hookers and the people of FE are uneducated that's why we can only get minimum wage jobs.

    What irks me even more is why is Jim Thibert still the General Manager of the EDTC?

    1. I see that the bullies have caused one Facebook group to shut right down. Apparently the group was set up to talk positively about Fort Erie and to discuss ways to make it better. Guess it didn't fit in with the narrative that the Great Unwashed want to project of Fort Erie. They want to blame the four councillors for everything that is wrong with Fort Erie.

      Oh, about that announcement from Airbus (formerly Eurocopter) coming this morning: Fort Erie plant to expand. Let's all see who jumps up to take credit for it. Kathleen Wynne is coming to town to be a part of the announcement.

      I'm really glad that there is good news and good jobs coming out of this.

  11. ``Received considerations for that promise``.....maybe a little, call it a retainer, but the bulk of it is still an uncashed cheque and thus the recipients are desperate to cash in.

    I agree with Cokie. Sell it the Region. They have already offered, they have deeper pockets to turn it into a first class tourist attraction and simultaneously take the temptation away from the small greedy little horde that would give the last and best beach away for their own profit. Bring this up in council and watch martin`s reaction. I bet he finds the mic off switch or some similar tactic real quick (despite the claim that you are allowed to express yourself in his council LOL!)
    Makes you wonder why!!

    As for Mr Brady and his ``way too complicated`statement or ``secondary plan`` BS, I think this clearly shows where he stands on the issue as it seems very similar to the line of crap we heard from his predecessor, Rino.. Maybe he is just suffering from ``CAO vision`` but I will be damned if I take the sidelines on so important an issue just for his career progression.

  12. maybe Mr Schular is finally answering to his conscience. I know he has one unlike some......better late than never

  13. Proud to see something good for us coming from the BUY Election. It worked for the Liberals to hold seats in the gas plant scandal so they are giving it another go here. The problem is Wynn the folks of Niagara ain't so stupid and see through your feeble effort to prop up a weak candidate. So BUY all you want and we thank you for sending us some bucks and we will send you an upraised middle finger in return.

  14. We all know that there are other developers sniffing around the Bay Beach Properties, although the Molinaros have right of first refusal for fiver years. TPTB do not want the property to be rezoned back to its original status because they still have developers in the background.

    So, how does Martin celebrate his "victory" via Leslie North last week? He went to Disney World! Well, not quite. Whose condo does he stay in when in Florida? Geeze, he was just in Florida over Christmas. So, retire already, Mr. Mayor-by-five-votes.

  15. A Multi Million dollar investment at Airbus Fort Erie creates 40,,,,thats right 40 High Skilled jobs. That should really put a dent into Niagaras high unemployment rate. Its better then nothing but we still need a lot more for those who are not highly skilled in the air industry manufacturing.

    1. I do agree with Jim Thibert when he says that the employment pool in Fort Erie does not have the skills necessary for today's job market. I do, however, disagree with the insulting way he expressed his point. I like what some companies are doing in the States - working with local colleges to set up training programs that are designed to fit the job requirements for the company. Such a strategy could work in Niagara. Blaming the present town council; insulting job seekers in town and even making racist and misogynistic analogies does not work to solve the problem.

      But that's Jim Thibert's style.

  16. What irks me Sharon is Jim Thibert did not go to Niagara College to set up these training programs. Instead Jim Thiberts right hand man the one and only Peter K has openly admitted he stopped several potential ivvestors from coming to FE on several social media and blog sites.
    If Thibert had nothing to do with Peter and his path of destruction the GM of the EDTC should have stepped in and denounced Peter K for spreading such lies but Thibert is using Peter as his scape goat and also place all his faults on 4 councilors who stood up to them.
    This is what irks me Sharon.

  17. Airbus announcement of 40 new jobs was made today. Notably absent was Jim Thibert, the guy who says that there aren't enough skilled workers for the jobs available. The feds and the province announced training opportunities for the new jobs. Also absent was Mayor-by-five-votes who is presumably in Florida. Looks like Kathleen Wynne and Airbus did an end run around the Fort Erie EDTC to get this expansion off the ground.


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