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Freddy Kreuger's got nothing on the behind the scene manipulators in this election.  The attempt to scare the hell out of voters in this year's municipal election is backfiring. Ward 3 Councillor Bob Steckley, Ward 4 Councillor John Hill; Ward 5 Councillor Don Lubberts and Ward 6 Councillor Paul Collard were elected in 2010 by healthy margins. The mayor, who is not seeking re-election, won his second term by a mere five votes.  There are people who are very worried that the three seeking re-election and Bob Steckley who is running for Regional Council will be elected as their support is as strong as it ever.

First: The Compliance Audits of 2010 were the first attempt to discredit the newly elected councillors.  Cost the taxpayers $110,000. Results: a few minor mistakes.

Second: the Conflict of Interest lawsuit against The Four, is a hit piece, designed to inflict maximum damage to the reputations of The Four who are seeking office in this election. It was started at the suggestion of the mayor-by-five-votes and filed by a former councillor who lost his election in a landslide. 

Third:  the latest lawsuit is full of hot air and hubris.  The timing is calculated to scare voters into thinking that The Four councillors are the cause of a $10 million lawsuit.  Truth is that anyone can file a lawsuit; anyone can withdraw a lawsuit after its purpose has been served; and anyone can have a lawsuit dismissed for lack of evidence.  The Molinaros have deep pockets. They can file a lawsuit any time they want, against anyone they want.  They also have to be able to prove in court that they are worthy of a settlement. 

Four: Stephen Passero, the favoured mayoral candidate of the old guard is losing ground as his misrepresentations and lack of real experience become known.  Who wants as their leader a man who has no business; has ruined just about every cause he has been involved in; is working full time at getting elected; and is favoured by the very people who  are really holding this town back.

Five:  this campaign has become a nightmare.  Instead of discussion about issues and remedies, it has been a prolonged attack on the integrity of four duly-elected representatives of the people.  

They're trying to make voters believe they made a huge mistake not voting for the old guard's candidates in 2010. They are trying to say that the voters in 2010 were stupid and easily swayed.  They are trying to say: trust us, we promise to play nice if you elect us. They are trying to make voters understand that they know what is best for the people, but their real goal is to continue to dine at the public trough.

They are trying to scare you to vote for "their" candidates. 

Do not allow yourself to be frightened into voting against your best interests.

Update: I received the following email from Ward 1 Candidate George McDermott:

Dear Sharon

  Once again you have decided to spread mistruths with my name attached .You claimed that I was handing out some sort of leaflet to do with the most recent law suit between the Molinaros the four councillors and the Town.This is just not true period. I was handing out my campaign leaflet truth be told and there was 400 or 500 witnesses to what I was handing out.I would like you to retract those comments publicly in your blog today.

George P McDermott

Editor's Note:  Perhaps you were handing out campaign information only, but you were observed informing people of the lawsuit along with Chris Knutt and Patty Jo Carver to further your own candidacy.  It was an unseemly display of the kind of politics that has been the norm in this town since 2010. Own it, George.  (I will correct the copy.)


  1. Sometimes scare tactics can work, in the 2004 Election that got George Bush elected , Dick Cheney (Doctor Doom) told the people of Indiana that if they did not vote for Bush , they might hear the sound of atomic weapons going off in their state, all this from a guy that was a draft dodger during the Vietnam war .and hid out at college and made babies. George Bush got himself another 4 years to screw the poor and make his pals a lot richer.

  2. I see Jimmy Dirt Bags and his CofC buds hands all over this BS lawsuit. The timing is deliberate, well planned months ago and costs them very little as yet again hard working Joe average gets to pay for it at tax time.

    Folks if this doesn't prove to you that their are some very ugly people here who will stop at nothing to keep their spot at the public trough on YOUR dime , nothing will.

    SUPPORT THE FOUR and people like them or return to the very dark days of FE politics.

  3. view_from_the_beachOctober 18, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    In keeping with The Editor's "Halloween" theme..

    In the link provided below, why is it I have no problem seeing Jack's "discussion" with Wendy as a perfect representation of the Martin/Thibert political modus operandi?

    An all TOO REAL parable eh? Subtle Doug explains his point of view
    *note apologies for default advertisement found at the beginning

  4. Just thought I would share this information provided by Mike Sansano on Facebook. It is something I have been saying for years. Nicely done, Mike.

    John Teal by the numbers.
    These are not opinions, just factual statistical information.

    4 - number of years on Regional Council
    0 -Number of Notices of Motion brought forward in his term.
    0 -Number of projects started in Fort Erie in his term.
    3 - Number of times he's voted against Regional Transit
    4th -Out of 31 in worst attendance at Region Council
    55 - % of time he's left early, disappeared or not returned from bathroom break.
    40 - % of every registered vote he's missed
    12 - The average number of minutes he stays at Fort Erie Council

    I'll add Martin to the attendance stats at the region. Fortunately, he is not seeking re-election.

  5. All tricks, very little treats.(someone had to say it). Add to the JT list his support to give half a mill to the track money pit, even though the province (billions in debt) will be giving, (yes, giving, not lending) millions to the overpaid horse addicts at the "grand old lady" while we dodge potholes and pay for water that should have no charge whatso ever. Go figure.

  6. Well that Developer is Trying to teach everyone a lesson, you don't mess around with them!! So this should be a warning to anyone one Else that is thinking about doing any sort of Business with them, Maybe they should think Twice before doing so? It might be better to avoid them and find someone else.


    Strike One - Compliance Hearings to oust Paul Collard, John Hill and Don Lubberts.
    Remember the predictions about pitching them out and jail time.

    Strike Two - Conflict of Interest charge that is clearly another baseless attempt to discredit four duly elected Councillors. They needed separate lawyers because they voted differently.

    Strike Three - Another attempt to discredit the four with more threats. The Molinaros wrote the contract and Council votes went in their favour. It was Molinaros who backed out with their own escape clause.

    OLD BOY'S TEAM Strike out!

  8. Do your Math..Track runs Tues $215,000 Track runs Sun. $215,000 Track runs Tues $215,000 etc. You get the picture. Each and every day the track runs costs we the taxpayers in some fashion $$215,000. Time to get real and let it go. Was glad each Mayor Candidate indicated they were NOT in favor of half a million from the Towns budget was not happening again. Time for new Council to strip JT racing stripes and put him back at his job.Lordy knows there is enough EDTC SHOULD be doing.As for Molinaro FO and find another Town to irritate.

    1. $500,000 divided by 37 racing days = $13,514

      Check your math

    2. Perhaps Howie was using the larger $7.9 million of taxpayer money that came from the province.

      Whatever, it is a lot of money to subsidize a business, any business. I know some lament that the province hasn't been kind to Fort Erie. That's a lot of money going to a community.

    3. Yes, it's a lot of money. Money (less the $500K) that will be spent elsewhere if not here and money that keeps a lot of people in this area employed. I saw no such reaction to spending $100K on a plan for Bay Beach and doubt there will be opposition to looking to the Municipal and Provincial governments for additional funds to develop it.

    4. I think you've made part of my point. There was a banner on Town Hall that was insulting to TPTB at the provincial level. The province has given Fort Erie a lot of money, most of it went to the racetrack. Too bad that money could not have been spread around more. There are many projects on the go.

    5. of course the math referred to the overall taxpayer donation to the track...Province and Town combined .Province will continue to pay but don't look to the town for another half million. Hoodwinked once and never again, Bring back the slots!!!

    6. Half a million gets us 7.9 million? Money well spent IMO. Lets see what happens with the new owner of the property. We've come this far and I think we should keep the track going for now. We've pi$$ed away money for less returns. This one could pay dividends. A year from now I'm willing to change my mind on it.

  9. Congratulations Fort Erie, you have finally made me ashamed to be a resident here. Why you ask? Not that 4 councillors are being sued; in fact how many people have that much dedication to stand up for their constituents even at the risk of getting sued. Actually I am disgusted by the low moral fibre of the handful of residents who are celebrating in these lawsuits, wishing people to lose the houses, etc. Last I checked, in Canada, people were innocent until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But it is good to see that we have so many legal experts in Fort Erie. I just didn't realize law degrees could be obtained with a high school education. Interesting to see who are the ones that are so quick to pass judgement. By the they not realize how often developers sue municipalities cause they didn't get what they wanted? Again with the calibre of legal expertise we have here, I'm surprised they failed to mention that.

    On a positive note, it is great to see that so many FE businesses are doing so well that they can alienate over half of their potential customers by openly criticizing and wishing ill will on our local politicians and their supporters. I am just so happy that the jewellery, restaurant, flooring, electrical, and racing industries are doing so awesome here cause no one would be that stupid to destroy the business they own or work at. Then again, if they are doing so great, in a time that the 4 councillors have "destroyed fort erie", then what is all the bitching about? Oh I forgot, it is just easier to blame everyone else for your own shortcomings....

    1. EXACTLY!!!.......thank you resident

    2. Beautifully said resident!

  10. Are ypu kidding me that people are sending apology letters to the developer? Really? That is utterly ridiculous and laughable.

    1. welcome to Fort Stupid.....i wish i could laugh at it all but i am usually too tired from working and paying for all this

  11. Molinaro Construction are to smart by half, this will get a lot of notice all over Niagara Region, this latest move will be noticed and this will make Molinaro toxic, goodbye to any consideration , when a major development project comes along, this is a very stupid move by a corporation that needs all the help, when they want to build anything. politicians will want no part of Molinaro after this dumb antic.!!

  12. Residents rant a little hard to follow, maybe some of the comments on facebook (which we havent yet been able to locate). Local businesses doing so well they can...and so on. Sounds like a few drinks and a happy keyboard...although the tone of the post sounds solid...would like to hear more.

  13. Resident is right on !! Seen all posts mentioned !!

  14. Am disgusted that a person involved in a Fort Erie business called Crystal Beach a slum. My family and friends will never support that business. Screen shots are saved. When will people learn?

    1. Crystal Beach has come back from near death after the amusement park closed. Lots of new people buying and rehabbing cottages. New builds all over the place. Yes, I saw the remarks as well. Shame on them! And they talk about divisiveness in Fort Erie. They are encouraging it with their foolish remarks. Better they clean up their own neighbiourhood first.


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