Wednesday, October 22, 2014


UPDATE:  The rumour is that Doug Martin has told at least one person that Bob Steckley quit his candidacy for regional councillor. Seems the mayor-by- five-votes is actively working to control the campaign, even spending time at the advance polls glad-handing and campaigning.  Just like what got Rob Ford kicked
out of three advance polls in Toronto.

Add that to his near gleeful account of the new lawsuit brought by the Molinaros.  You were supposed to represent the people, not the developers, Dougie, mayor-by-five-votes.


Bob Steckley, Ward 3; 
John Hill, Ward 4; 
Don Lubberts, Ward 5;
Paul Collard, Ward 6
were democratically elected to represent the taxpayers.
For the past four years, they have been standing up for the people
of Fort Erie despite a well-planned attack on their integrity.

  • Previous council approved the twelve story condo on public beach lands which did not contain safeguards to protect the taxpayers from an escalating burden should the project be delayed. The property did not have an absolute title when it was purchased from the Rebstock Family in 2001. The developer was apparently able to dictate the conditions of the MOU to the town solicitor, Heather Salter.
  • Bob Steckley, John Hill, Don Lubberts and Paul Collard were not in favour of a high rise on public beachfront land. They were elected by large margins..
  • A local blogger (me) was sued by Jim Thibert and the EDTC using over $20,000. of taxpayer money.

  • Compliance Audits, costing the town in excess of $100,000. uncovered minimal mistakes. Marina Butler requested a complaince audit on John Hill. Martha Lockwood, who lost to Don Lubberts, requested an audit on his campaign; Larry Graber requested an audit of Paul Collard's campaign. The audit against Bob Steckley was dismissed.
  • Two large billboards were placed on Garrison Road that called the Four Councillors "liars." attributed to the "Citizens For a Better Fort Erie" whose spokesperson, Kim Zanko, is a candidate for Ward 3.
  • A group calling itself "Citizens of Fort Erie for a Positive Future" distributed a full colour flyer that attempted to paint The Four as deceitful and corrupt. Again, Kim Zanko took ownership of the flyer.


  • Town solicitor was dismissed. Confidential information in violation of the non-disclosure clause of her settlement accusing The Four of harassment was released.
  • Against advice of legal counsel, the mayor tried to get confidential settlement information released without a court order. Request defeated.
  • Mayor tells The Four councillors that he will never support another thing they bring forward.


  • Conflict of Interest lawsuit filed against The Four Councillors by former, defeated town councillor Tim Whitfield who admitted under oath that he has been approached by the mayor as well as a lawyer who also represents the EDTC to provide an affidavit for an action against The Four. Lawsuit paperwork leaked to press from town hall under code name "Project 4-2-0"
  • Mayor Doug Martin admitted under oath that there was no harassment of the town solicitor. He had provided Whitfield with documents from closed sessions regarding the settlement.
  • The lawsuit has been delayed  to prevent the resolution of the case before the municipal elections. To date approximately $40,000. has been spent by each councillor, of their own money, to defend himself.
  • The Bay Beach developer requested an open-ended extension for the project as the necessary 45 units had not been sold by the self-imposed date of December 31, 2013.
  • Council offered an eight month extension but that was defeated by votes from Martin, Shular, Passero, Hill, Lubberts and Collard. The author of the offer, Bob Steckley, was the only councillor to vote in the affirmative.
  • No other motion was offered by either Martin, Shular or Passero to extend the time for the Molinaros.
  • The Bay Beach developer chose to end the project on December 31, 2013, however he still retains right of first refusal for further development on the property. This could leave the door open for him to come back to the project if a new council invited him.


  • EDTC General Manager Jim Thibert filed a Conflict of Interest lawsuit against Councillor Don Lubberts over a piece of property belonging to the Fort Erie Race Track. He has yet to state publically how the lawsuit is funded. He seems to expect that the taxpayers will pay for it as they did for his action against the blogger.
  • Documents demanded by the court in the Conflict of Interest case against The Four revealed that the lawsuit was funded by the following:
  1. Jim and Bill Miller, owner of two companies and part ownership in a local golf club. (Donated to Martin's 2010 campaign)
  2. Artaj Singh, landlord for the Chamber of Commerce and the EDTC (Donated to Martin's campaign)
  3. Howard and Valerie Beattie, 2010 scrutineers for Doug Martin
  4. Kirk Zavitz - owner of Zavcor Trucking (Donated to Martin's campaign)
  5. Marina Butler, owner of Employment Professionals Canada, now a candidate in Ward 4.

The Four have been subjected to continuous assaults in order to force them from office. They have remained professional and diligent in their efforts to represent the people of Fort Erie to the best of their ability. They won their elections fairly; they have been subjected to unfairness since they were elected. It is time to stand up for those who stood up for us.



against the

Town of Fort Erie and Four Councillors


The Molinaros voluntarily walked away 

from the project in January. Council was 

advised that they under no obligation to 

extend the timeline.

We support The Four:

      1. Bob Steckley ... Regional Council

      2. John Hill ... Ward 4

      3. Don Lubberts ... Ward 5

      4. Paul Collard ... Ward 6

Democracy is at stake in this election.

Vote with pride for those 

who stood up for you!


  1. How is Martha Lockwood able to work at the same ward poll that her Sister in-law is running for council for? It doesn't seem right, that those working at the poll's should have any ties to those campaign.

    1. A lot of people are wondering about that. She was also observed to be talking/texting on her cell phone while she was working. That's another no-no. Martha has no respect for the rules of conflict of interest, it would seem.

      Another question: George McDermott talks about the invitation he received from Larry Graber to speak at a Library Board meeting. Campaigning is strictly forbidden on town property which would include libraries. George was going to turn me in to Google because I reported that he and others were outside the Leisureplex last Thursday informing people of the $10 million lawsuit against the town and the four councillors. Now this?

  2. I totally agree that the Four Councillors deserve the voters’ thanks and trust for all they have done to stand up to Molinaro and his political sponsors. Furthermore, Fort Erie has to think of what is coming up now. Molinaro may well drop his case after the elections, the bogus threat having either served or failed to serve its political purpose, depending on whether or not the voters fall for it. On the other hand, Molinaro may persist in trying to squeeze whatever money he can from the Town.

    Lawsuits are all about posturing. If Molinaro thinks he can get the Town to settle for a lot of money, then he’ll push for that. If, on the other hand, the Town projects confidence that, as lawyers have already told them, Molinaro doesn’t have a case, then they will basically call Molinaro’s bluff, and he’ll settle for a smaller amount of money or maybe even back off in fear of losing and damaging his reputation even more than he has already has. It's possible that Molinaro may want to show everyone that no one had better dare do this to him again. I certainly hope this Town will not facilitate his doing that as some of the pro-condo faction seem to want. If Molinaro has any sense, I think he should think twice about waging a long, messy, and embarrassing lawsuit that really will make him look like a loser and a bully in the eyes of all the condo shoppers and voters who will hear about it throughout Ontario.

    The “poor Molinaro” approach being taken right now by the Mayor and his fans and protégées is absolutely in the Town’s worst interests going forward. Fort Erie needs not only to re-elect the Four, but also to elect a Mayor who knows that when one is being sued, one does not apologize, admit guilt, or show weakness—unless he wants the party suing him to go for his jugular like a shark sensing blood in the water.

    I hope people will realize that the threatened lawsuit is not as terrifying as they may think. The Town does have insurance for these things. That will make it all the easier to fight this without panic. Fortunately, The Four already have proven themselves remarkably capable of dealing with intimidation without backing down.

    I bet that more and more people every day now are becoming ready to tell Molinaro to take a hike. I hope they will now be, more than ever, ready to elect and stand behind a Town Council who will fight for them instead of for Molinaro’s bottom line.

  3. Not only is democracy under attack here but we are for the most part paying to do it to ourselves as most of these lawsuits are funded by TAX $$$$$!!!!


    youre paying to screw yourself. Support the FOUR and anyone like them or else you will pay more for all this legaiized theft to keep certain people at the trough.

  4. If the wrong Council is elected the plan will be to give Molinaro the Tower in exchange for withdrawing the lawsuit. This cannot happen. I urge every person with computer ability to post this on every Facebook. Knowledge is Power!!! Sharon please post this. Voters must be made aware.

  5. It has been reported that 2,250 people voted so far in the advance poll, up from 1530 in 2010, a 49% increase.

    There are a lot of possible reasons for this but I'd like to think that people realized just how important their vote is after the five vote difference between Ann Marie Noyes and Doug Martin. Perhaps they also realize just how different things would be in Fort Erie if Ann Marie had won. Instead, the people of Fort Erie ended up with a mayor who had temper tantrums at council meetings; helped Tim Whitfield start a lawsuit against the four councillors; tried to shut down questions and discussions at council and allowed bullies to disrupt meetings.

  6. Seen on Facebook from a young person in this town:

    This is what we teach the people we are supposed to be showing how to be in this world, with all our fussing and fighting on social media.
    A recent Facebook post copied and pasted here:

    'Some people just love to spread propaganda, but don't worry , whoever they are, I am sure anyone who knows them, knows what a crackpot they are, how could they not if that's how they publicly treat people, just for having an opinion, no matter how right or wrong it is. It's pretty funny that "adults" still act like school yard bullies, but I guess that's what the internet was invented for.. Hope their "friends" and family are proud...'

    And on another note, anyone who is running for any type of political position, or who cares AT ALL about democracy, and freedom, would never treat anyone like that. Democracy is about being able to disagree, but still treating each other with respect, and working towards mutual goals that benefit all. It's not about making people afraid to even speak out..I think people are smart enough to know, if someone has to resort to bullying and fear tactics to get their point across, then their point is stupid, and not worth getting across in the first place."

  7. Hude long lines at the Leisureplex last advance poll. Some "mix up" (read incompetence) on the part of the equipment and/or staff, in charge. People were looking at the line up for the ONE clerk with ballots, and leaving. Lets hope they made it to another advance poll or will get out there on election day. Glitches like this affect voter turnout, not just at that time but often in future when that unpleasant waste of time is remembered. Calls for election reform are growing louder. Good to see the numbers are up. At the Crystal Ridge Advance Poll yesterday Mayor Doug himself was hanging around, swarmy with the guy feeding the ballots into the counter. I thought no one is allowed to just hang out and chat, or are we wrong on this point?? Maybe a paid observer? Wouldnt that be poetic justice. The mayor by five votes a paid observer?? Anyway dont know why he or anyone else would be allowed to just "hang" with the vote counter. Maybe a relative? Wouldnt surprise me, (or likely anyone else.)

    1. Those machine should make a sound if they read the ballot properly or not.

  8. you know we could use these words to describe Martin taken from Molinaros Statement of Claim: The conduct of Mr Martin was calculated, malicious, and demonstrated a callous disregard for the rights of the people he was elected to serve.

  9. Many are questioning the placement of Martha Lockwood at the table for Wards 4, 5 and 6. She has access to the computer at her station and was observed talking on her cell phone and texting. Cell phones are not allowed to be used in voting areas.Martha's sister-in-law is running for council in Ward 6. Rick Shular was also seen at the advance polling, loitering and talking to people. Cripes, don't they read the newspapers? Rob Ford was thrown out of three voting stations for apparently campaigning. The candidates have every right to be at the voting stations. They just cannot engage in any activity that might be interpreted as campaigning. That makes Doug Martin's appearance even more troubling. He is done. He is not running. He should stay the hell out of the process. He was elected in 2010 by a mere five votes. Nothing to be proud of as he made a mockery of the mayor's office.

    Regardless of the outcome of this election, there will have to be many changes to the process in Fort Erie because of the actions of these people. This is why Don Lubberts wanted clarification from the man (Tom Mather) who is in charge of this very important election. Martin cut Lubberts short and tried to shut him up at the last council meeting. All that is evidence that there are people who are trying to disrupt the democratic process. People are much better informed this election and they're watching this very closely. Please be vigilant and ask/demand answers from those in charge if you see anything untoward happening. An informed electorate is an electorate that makes wise decisions.

  10. Call the Election Police on George McDermoot. He tells the Library Board If elected he will support them...Did Graeber invite ALL the Candidates for Ward One to campaign at the Board meeting???Definite breach of protocol.Might even cost him a seat for transgression of campaigning to a Town board and on Town property.Other candidates must be given the same opportunity or an apology.

    1. I think the theme of this election is "The Sarah Palin Way." It was she who famously said. "I'll do what I want until the courts tell me otherwise."

      Martin is going out with a flourish of bad attitude, lies and vengeance. Apparently, he still can't get over that he was elected by a mere five votes in an election that didn't sit right with a lot of people.

      Have some class, Doug.

  11. In Niagara this Week, mayor martin is quoted "My own personal view is that I'm not surprised at all by this", referring to the Molinaros suing the town a week before the election.
    THIS STATEMENT THAT MARTIN IS NOT AT ALL SURPRISED, is the first time I believe him!

    martin goes on to "Certain actions were clearly in bad faith and led to this happening". Why am I not surprised that martin would give credence to the Molinaros suing the town, us taxpayers. He didn't care about the town of Fort Erie either when he was shouting to the press that Fort Erie was closed for business.
    It makes me think that he only cares about his own self interest.

  12. "Doug Martin is telling people that Bob Steckley quit his candidacy for regional councillor"

    You looking for another lawsuit?

  13. It would be nice to think on the 28th all of this speculation will be settled (for better or for worse) but it seems to us here with so many candidates running in so many places the recount monster is likely to raise its ugly face out of the goo and demand attention, and this might raise court questions (not that such a experience is entirely unfamiliar to the readers of this and other blogs and websites). Riddle me this, (just so we get at least part of the potential picture). Recounts. The bane of so many close elections, happen when the results are how close?? Witnessed by whom?? The time frame is how long to either accept a result of contest it?? Hopefully none of these considerations will be needed, however, if someone is still not satisfied when all the numbers are in this may go on for a long time. Lets be ready for this brand of sillyness, after all, with whats been going on lately recount madness may prove to be the least of the strange proceedings we get to tell our great grandchildren about when remembering the early 2000's on planet Fort Erie.

  14. Robert: Here's a link to the Municipal Elections Act. You'll find your answers in sections 56-63.

  15. This blog is very far reaching , I just noticed that a person from Russia visited this site,I bet that they are either amused or scratching their head if they read about , what is going on in our Town.We in the enlightened ?? Democratic country of Canada, has shenanigans that would make Chicago politicians blush, We are the Republic of Fort Erie, rules! what rules, we make up our own rules. this is really going on in Ontario in the year 2014, Dougie has outdone himself.this time.!!!


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