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Here is a very recent post from Corruption Fighter:

Anyone want to weigh in on the over 7% tax increase locally but zero at the Region?? In their first 2 years this council of ol boy lackeys(sorry DL you are not included here) are taxing us blind but no one says a word. 15% in their first 2 years with 2 more to go. 

During the previous council THE FOUR kept increases at all time lows memory serves and were shit all over repeatedly. Law suits, slandered, pushed, websites dedicated to intimidating them....You must really love paying for insider greed there Fort Stupid!! You really don't seem to mind paying huge to keep those pigs at the public trough, well fed in their cushy jobs with sunshine list pay, benefits and pensions. 

WOW.!! Times are so good here we can all just give money away to the oh so privileged few.

Still waiting the Times to say something but serving the greater good doesn't seem to be in their mandate. 

So, yesterday, we traveled around Fort Erie, down Niagara Boulevard and up Jarvis Street. Lots of empty storefronts, so much, it looks like a lot of urban streetscapes where business has moved to the highway, leaving the core areas bereft and run-down. There were few bright spots with few improvements under way. Oh, there will be a new bridge on Central. Good news there.

Meanwhile in Crystal Beach, we have more properties bought by the syndicated mortgage front-man Gary Fraser that will probably be left unoccupied as part of a possible money-laundering scheme.  (Oops! I suppose I shouldn't mention that Fraser has done jail time for such a scheme in the past.) 

So, while wandering off-the-Garrison, one wonders what the hell is our esteemed Economic Development and Tourism Corporation doing to earn all that money from the taxpayers. (I do know that GM Thibert used well over $20,000. of that taxpayer money to sue yours truly.)

But the racetrack is open for off-track betting. Good fun that. Helping retirees and the poor part with their meager dollars. Now that's economic development for ya! 

Can anyone tell me of a new company that has moved into Fort Erie in the past few years? 



  1. Mayor Red will soon be giving his "state of the town adress" at a golf club as a breakfast "meeting". That already speaks volumes as to the "state of the town". For this "tickets" are $20 dollars. Some would say this is a tradition but is that really enough? Lots of things were traditions untill it occoured to someone to improve on a stale idea and try to move up in the modern world. An adress like that should be given in an evening at a public venue and under no conditions should be a $20 dollar per ticket event. Someday someone with a little more foresight will look back on that mistimed over charged event and say "what the heck were they thinking"?? Or is this just some form of a kickback to the country club? If so just give the place some dough and get this public adress to a time and a venue where it belongs. Whats wrong with these people?

    1. Reminds me of the time that Thibert and former MPP Kim Craitor announced that $2 million had been given to Fort Erie from the province for "tourism." They chose the private Buffalo Canoe Club for that announcement. That's when Craitor said that there were no particular plans for the $2 million but there were lots of possibilities. Instead, as we all expected, it went straight to the racetrack in a so-called "buy" scheme.

  2. I have been complaining, a lot, no papers in Niagara will print my letters, I have complained to the Niagara Falls Review, The Niagara Post and Fort Erie Times { Fort Erie Pravda) for weeks now they don't put letters in their papers, they don't want to upset the Chamber's of Horrors, their main financial, means of support.

  3. Noticed Rino Mostacci received a cold shoulder when he delivered his delegation to Council stating South Niagara didn't have good development ideas to attract new businesses. Right, his 12 storey condo on a public beachfront scheme didn't fly to well here did it?

  4. Rino was talking to the Mayor who hired him and all of these other deadbeats those many years ago, last Spring budget Wayne Redekop told our local "Pravda" that Fort Erie has to differentiate from other municipalities, no problem there, they are booming and we are in the dumpster.

  5. That nonsense with Mayor Red at a breakfast meeting at the country club to deliver his "state of the town adress" is nothing less than the chief puppet preaching to the converted. He wouldnt dare to give such a scripted pile of illusion to a public attended venue. The cat calls, comments and outright laughter would be too much for that little weasel. Its a safe bet preaching to the CoC and the other well fed groupies wont have the same effect. Its also a safe bet if they publish said nonsense in the papers we can roll our eyes, shake our heads, and be glad we didnt have to waste $20 to hear such fish rot in person. If they dont publish it, well, same thing goes. The food stinks at that place, breakfast even worse, and now the entertainment suits and all, reach the same level of classless Fort Erie style of presentation. For this those grinning idiots are paid how much? Somethings never change even when they have the chance. Over a year gone since the last election and what do we have to show for it? A stronger sense of the status quo than ever.

  6. What an incestuous group of people they are down at the Chamber of Commerce, James Thibert is so overworked with all the new companies clamouring to come into our Town of Fort Erie, he has hired an assistant EDTC , a former manager of the Chamber of Commerce , we the taxpayers will now have the pleasure to provide benefits and costs of another snout in the public trough. He JT, can now while away more of his time, playing with the ponies down at the Racetrack.

  7. CorruptionFighterMarch 5, 2016 at 6:04 PM

    well the EDTC is "arms length" (read accountable to noooo one). Ask Anne Marie. She even took him to court to the open the books and we all know how that went.

    Jimmy 1 Taxpayer 0

    Long live King Jimmy!! crowned head of the kingdom of Fort Stupid who allow this every 4 years and annually ever after when the King has to perform in front of (his)council asking for hundreds of thousands more to make disappear into.............well no one outside of "his" court seems to know. Well I suppose his well paid new assistant can appear for him at council as he is soooo busy bringing all that economic windfall here!!

    You put "his"council in power FE, kicking 4 good men working for ALL the people to the curb. Guess now we all pay pay pay to keep him and those insiders like him doing little for sunshine list pay. (Glance at your next tax bill.)

    Our Focus "YOUR"??? Future ya right

  8. Kind of funny to think Pal and the new owners of the horse circus publicly endorsed the Trumonster. This puts JT in an unusual position. Fall into line or just stay silent and wait to see what happens next. Bogots, big mouths, and crooked political types. Which one will James show his loyalty to? Decisions....decisions...


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