Friday, August 8, 2014

New neighbourhood: South Coast Village

New neighbourhood: South Coast Village

Great video highlighting Crystal Beach and in particular, the South Coast Village under construction on the former arena and parking lot grounds of the Crystal Beach Amusement Park.  What a great life to the community.  Mayor Martin seemed a little surprised that a development is getting such a warm welcome from the locals.  Could be that it's the exact type of development that is right for Crystal Beach.  

Thanks for giving our little "hidden gem" some much-needed positive publicity.


  1. "Homes", (houses), "starting" at $350,000, well, welcome to the neighborhood. Where have you all been, this is what we need to make the community more of a place for affordable housing, community living and an approach to original designs that reflect the historic roots of the village we all respect and remember. And this from a site that didnt want a 12 level filecabinet condo. Are you supporting some over promoted cookiecutter housing development because of some video?? Maybe just being sarcastic?? Lets hope so.

    1. Sounds like you haven't looked at the real estate listings for Crystal Beach of late. There are some fine places for sale well under $200,000. One just sold to the first couple who looked at it - full asking price $148,000. Completely redone and updated. Basically right around the corner from the South Coast Village. What Marz is offering are new builds that capture the cottage charm. The reason they are more expensive is that they're new builds in a planned development with tennis courts, etc. If I had the money, I would buy one in a heartbeat. The concept of a so-called "walkable community" is the new in thing. Really going back to gentler times where people sat on their front porches and talked to their neighbours. It's the reason many choose to call Crystal Beach home. Been that way since the village began. And a high rise condo does not and never will fit in with this community.

      It also proves that people like me are not against development, I and many others in Crystal Beach and elsewhere support the Marz proposal as it stands now.


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