Friday, August 8, 2014


Canada's unemployment rate edged down to 

seven per cent in 

July, with just 200 new jobs created, 

according to Statistics Canada.


 The article goes on to report that "On an annual basis, employment increased by 115,000 jobs, with most of the work part time and no increase in total hours worked compared with July 2013."

 It would seem that those seeking local political office will have little or no effect on job creation when the national stats report a mere 200 new jobs nation wide.  That would probably mean that, statistically, Fort Erie got about a half of a new part time job, which is really no laughing matter. There are 1.3 million unemployed in Canada and Fort Erie has a much higher unemployment rate than the seven percent national average.  It is a huge problem in our community.  

Candidates who promise jobs might want to look at the stats before they make such lofty promises. Sure, there are ways to help the local economy that may result in jobs, but most new jobs are often offset by job loss due to plants closing and businesses failing.

Of course, it does fall under the mandate of the local economic development department  to work with local lawmakers to create a friendly business environment. Except Fort Erie doesn't have an economic development department working out of town hall, directly accountable to council.  It has an arm's length corporation operating out of a separate location under the leadership of a two hat wearing egomaniac who is obsessed with the racetrack.

Can the voters un-elect Jim Thibert, our economic development czar? Of course not.  What
needs to be done is that the EDTC be returned to town hall as a department. No non-elected official should have the power that Thibert wields without accountability.  He has misused his power and he has defied a Freedom of Information ruling by still not providing information about the EDTC as ordered.

Ask yourselves just how long have things been going downhill in Fort Erie? Certainly not just in the last four years as some would have you believe.  This council brought in the lowest tax increase in years yet all people hear about is the "problems with four councillors" and a vicious and vexatious lawsuit endorsed by the mayor, the head of the EDTC and a couple of councillors.

Soon, the voters of Fort Erie will be able to see for themselves just how far these people have gone to destroy the reputations of the four councillors.

It can't come soon enough for me.



  1. On the subject of property tax increases, the following numbers may be of some interest to those who keep track of such things. In my case, property tax increases are as follows.2003, up by 6.8%...2004, up by6.8%...2005,up by 2.9%...2006 up by 15.0%...2007 up by 4.5%...2008 up by 4.1%..2009 up by 7.7%...2010 up by 4.8%...2011 up by 5.8%...2012 up by 5.1%...2013 up by 10.0%! ...2014, up by 6.5%...Where does all this end!! Where is all this money going!!! In every case the increases are well beyond the cost of living increase index!! Im getting tired of typing the "up by" keys!! When someone mentions the "lowest increase in years" Im thinking. "I should hope so"!! How about those increases in the water rates!! Dont even get me started. Noticable by its absence is any mention of tax or fee relief by any of the candidates,so far. Lowest INCREASE in years indeed. Try some cost cutting measures and get some of those fat faces out of the trough at least for a little while.

    1. CorruptionFighterAugust 8, 2014 at 3:08 PM

      Thanks Andre for the numbers. This what I have been saying in general for quite some time. As for water rates here, it is just another hidden tax. I showed someone in the know from Toronto my water bill and they thought it had to be a mistake.

      As for pigs at the trough, start with ol boy Jimbo. Non qualified, expensive, embarrassing, counter productive, totally self serving, condescending, grandstanding, conflict of interest(track vs every other local business), misappropriation of public monies, etc etc etc(want me to keep going).

      Millions down the crapper for an annual bad performance in council and a cut and paste brochure. Only in FE can this level of criminal stupidity survive. I am sorry. he is good at one thing. Flipping the entire town the bird when we ask once in awhile just what the hell he does with it all.

  2. Thanks for your information. Every taxpayer should be watching this very closely. Look also to what goes to the region. Water rates are obscene. I believe the "lowest tax increase in years" is referring to just the portion that goes to the municipality.

  3. Hey, I hear there's an job open at the Peace Bridge Customs. Anyone surprised that there is a huge investigation into Canadian border agents? One already been fired for allegedly accepting gifts, misuse of government electronic networks, abuse of authority and preferential treaent." Wonder if cheese was involved in any way. LOL.

  4. Curious in the BurgAugust 11, 2014 at 12:20 PM

    Fort Erie started to die on January 1st, 1989, the day that the Bi National Free Trade Agreement came into play. NO more need for American subsidiary plants in Fort Erie, make it at home and ship it to Canada with no duties paid.


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