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Only one councillor and a couple of committee members left to go and the total removal of any possible chance for transparency is complete. The ouster of Ann Marie Noyes from her volunteer post as director of the gaming board was finalized pm Monday, May 23, 2016.  This was a chance for the minions and movers of the Old Boys Club to rid themselves of another pesky person who asks too many questions and tries to bring honesty to the gift-that-keeps-on-giving corporation run by the oft-embattled  Russ Wilson, who is taking his golden handshake and riding off into the sunset, in order words: beating a hasty retreat. But not before he and his buddies at town hall disposed of their chief inquisitor, former Ward 6 Councillor and not-mayor-by-five-votes, Ann Marie Noyes.

I received a first-hand account of the debacle from an attendee at the event. Here are some highlights:

 "All rise.  Kangaroo Court is now in session.  His worship Mayor Wayne Redekop is presiding.  Mayor, the two parties have been sworn in and are obliged to speak in generalities, point fingers, and in general obfuscate the matter whenever possible".  

It was a kangaroo court plain and simple and our illustrious Mayor was in on the action.  It was plainly clear from the outset from the way he ran the meeting during the delegate presentations that he was tired of the whole mess and just wanted to get on with removing her ASAP.  

The questions asked by the other 'interested parties' were merely an attempt to make it appear as if they were open minded and felt kind of obligated to ask a totally irrelevant question.  Hell, one Councillor even used the word 'irregardless' which isn't even a word (check it out). {Editor's Note: I hate it when that happens} Councillor Butler got totally lost during the presentation because she couldn't connect the timelines to when John Hill was a member and not a member.  None of her motions were seconded (her words) and they died on the floor.  John seconded most of her motions which then entailed discussion.  The committee members don't like that.  

Kris Knutt spoke very eloquently about his experience on the board.  Trouble was he forgot to mention that HE QUIT.  Too much work plus he was pissed big time that his buddy Russ was not selected for the CAO position.  I am sure they told him it was a slam dunk and just a matter of time before he gets the job (and it was).  

Knutt further stated that he knows all about profession behaviour because he is in a corporate setting every day.  Ya, right!  Clerk at Staples I guess qualifies.  He also said that the behaviour outside the meetings may have been 'cordial' but inside "EVERYONE BEHAVED UNPROFESSIONALLY".  The very thing they accused AMN of doing apparently was done by all.  Can you say double standard?  I was praying that Don would pick up on that comment and sure enough he did.  Seeing as there was unprofessional conduct by everyone could he be expecting to deal with the rest of the members being removed too? (paraphrasing).  

It was also very clear from the way Chair Graber answered, didn't or couldn't answer questions presented to him asking for examples of disrespect, unprofessional behaviour, and had the board 'officially' approached AMN regarding her behaviour and issued any kind of a warning.  Usually you get three strikes.  

And then Graber complained she had met with the CAO and the Mayor regarding serious matters of concern at the board level (her opinion).  This really pissed Graber and his cronies off so much they wanted to kick her out immediately.  Then, it turns out Graber did the same thing without authorization or direction from the board to do so.  "But, but, we are the executive.  We don't have to have permission" he stammered.  "But, isn't that the same thing you accused AMN of doing?  Isn't that a bit of a double standard?" asked Councillor Lubberts.  

So, the delegations are over and it's a ten minute recess.  "But wait a minute!!!!!"  Graber yells out and starts to walk down the side ramp to get back to the horseshoe.  This is really professional and it also shows a bit of the anger side of Mr. Graber.  "There were things said about the board that just weren't right and I want to make sure we tell people here and at home the facts about our board" he spoke in a raised voice to the mayor as he walked down the side.  Really professional for sure.  Redekop said with a wink and a nod "don't worry Larry.  We'll be setting the record straight when the report comes on the floor" nudge nudge wink wink.  

I was told there were plenty of lies being thrown around.  Why they did that only God knows.  It was a forgone conclusion that the clandestine meetings between Russ, the mayor, the CAO, etc. was enough to seal the fate of AMN.  

The lesson learned, and I hope that even those who are on the winning team now come to realize you don't mess with the old boys.  They are mean, nasty, and will slice your throat if you get out of line.  They have ways to deal with people like AMN.  Look no further than what happened to the Fort Erie Four.  And, John Hill's comment to Graber in the atrium following the end of Captain Kangaroo's Court was I guess I better stop asking questions or I will  be the next one to be kicked off.  Graber was speechless and looked like he was going to cough up his nuts.  My guess is that if he had any nuts he probably would have.  

Need I say More? The is still the question about the $400,000 uptick in revenue that allegedly was not distributed fairly if at all. Still lots of questions about that as evidenced by remarks on this blog in another thread.  I will reprint them here.

Firing a Volunteer said: Interesting council meeting last night, they removed Noyes from the gaming board. I guess she asked too many of the right questions that the old boys club committee didn't want to answer. From watching the council, the boards representative, made many general verbal accusations against Noyes regarding her behavior but when asked for specifics or examples was lost for words. He did comment that she went outside the board for information when she didn't agree with the information provided. Good for her. And God forbid she went to the mayor and the CAO to inform them what was going on behind closed doors. How dare she. Noyes's speech evolved around the process that was put in place to deal with bingo dollar distribution. She wanted the bingo groups informed and be part of the process. This behind closed doors, a who knows who, and what appears as preferential treatment needed a light shone on it. But those who know Noyes know her to be one for fairness and openness. Yes she asks allot of questions, too bad they got to close to the truth, so out she goes. Not to worry Russ Wilson will be "retiring soon" . I hope bingo organizations will start demanding answers when they do not get the increase dollars from gaming they deserve. Remember the OLG is the official rule makes here not the gaming board, the OLG gives the municipality set out the parameters, and the TOFE may be outside of them with this "new process behind closed doors selection " may run contrary to OLG policies. Bingo groups unite and fight for fairness and transparency.

Howie said: Getting thrown under the bus last night was another one of the "Good" ones. AnnMarie in her fight for fairness in distribution of over $40,000 among the sixty plus bingo charities mixed it up with Russ and lost.Of no surprise Council sided with the good old boys....the establishment. I hope the OLGC cottons on and straightens this Council out on rules of engagement.,,,but too late for AnnMarie. No matter how right she was it was a guaranteed outcome. She was pissing in the wind. She was too polite to point out that some of the various bingo clubs that did benefit had members that sit on that Board. Time for charitable groups to stand up and demand accountability.

Does it Ever End? correction was $400,000, not $40,000. Can't help but wonder what recourse she might take. Perhaps that was why a recorded vote was taken. End? 

Finally, Corruption Fighter remarked about the two local representatives at the region who voted to quash an audit of the Niagara Parks Commission. Closing ranks to protect more Good Old Boys.

In 2014, voters were fooled into voting out their only chance at some form of accountability thanks to a plan devised and co-ordinated by the "usual suspects" with a lot of help from the so-called "free press" (an oxymoron if ever there was one; ) some pretty dirty tricks; frivolous lawsuits and character assassination. And the easily gulled and threatened voters fell into line like lemmings.

And we all know what happens to lemmings. 


  1. CorruptionFighterMay 27, 2016 at 9:47 AM

    actually I commented about the dirty tricks at the NPCA(conservation) not Niagara Parks by our 2 local reps shoving through their "Biodiversity Offsetting" BS. Kind of sounds like Mostacci's "net increase in beach front" AFTER they build on it BS. If it sounds like sh1t smells like sh1t, it's because it is sh1t.

    As to the rest Madam Editor, you're right the return to the old boy status quo is near complete in Fort Stupid where so many sheep/lemmings whatever, pay so much to keep a few usually greedy lazy incompetents at the public trough.

    ..............SLURP SLURP SLURP....

    good luck Donny must be real hard to stomach

  2. I am very disappointed that Mayor Redekop didn't support clear and transparent disclosures regarding the gaming financial practices!

  3. I have been running Bingos ,except when I was on chemo and in hospital since 1984 ,the corruption in our Bingos started when Alderman Doug Martin was given the job of doling out licences to his pals and cronies, the biggest was letting the Mayor of Welland ,Eugene Strange and his boyfriend Father Foley of St Joseph Church of Stevensville operate a bingo at Uncle Sam's on Jarvis Street, hundreds of thousands of dollars, much of it U.S funds were stolen and used to fund their illicit lifestyle. Bingos in Fort Erie have been scammed many times by the very ones supposed to keep it honest, if you complained, you might lose your bingo,Russ Wilson made himself a full time job when Doug and friends gave the Crystal Beach Alderman a highly lucrative position, Fort Erie Town Hall was paid for by Russ Wilson and Doug Martin scamming millions of dollar,s from all none profit organisations running bingo,s adding an illegal sur tax on licence fees.many times a group would be in the hole and made nothing as the weather or snow days stopped the patrons coming in to play bingo, Anne Marie Noyes asks for honesty from a group of crooks.

  4. Porgey is making some serious charges, but I believe he is correct. I remember those days myself. A theater couple who held numerous bingo licenses was able to live a very nice lifestyle; a woman who had nuerous incidences of theft was allowed to work bingos; another who was banned from working bingos in another community, still convened for a large recipient of bingo funds. As I've stated before, years ago, a friend pointed out "the house that Bingo built" in Stevensville.

  5. It get's worse, I have many of the newspaper articles about Eugene Strange and Foley of Stevensville in my files, how about the Real Estate lady in charge of Friendship Festival funds buying property with bingo funds,I have seen it all. I met with officials in Toronto who told me they agreed that my groups efforts to beautify South-End Business area were within the law, they did not have the power to remove Council appointed bingo agents. They were reluctant to inject themselves into local politics.

  6. CorruptionFighterJune 20, 2016 at 8:32 AM

    these accusations are only the tip of the iceberg round these parts were skimming from public monies is a highly lucrative art form. Jimmie Dirt Bag smelled that as he was driving down the QEW years ago and pulled over. Millions later we have some photo ops and a few entertaining public appearances usually highlighted by gross incompetence/massive ego and he has only moved higher up the food chain!! Just one example of how to get ahead in FE.

    Here's and employment idea....we open a school dedicated to teaching the fine art of ripping off the public whilst doing at best nothing and at worst just destroying the place........Ask this council/staff to approve it or maybe their still trying to figure out how to change street lights??

  7. I am very happy to see the OLG running the bingo's they now run a cleaner operation, also the US patrons are now coming back .terrific !

  8. Possibly some good news, a Wyly Real Estate sign outside the now closed wind turbine plant in Stevensville has Sold on the sign, market. I also notice across Eagle Street a huge area has been leveled with lots of gravel spread around. so something could be happening that may help the Fort Erie job, no sign of JT and his weed wacker.!!


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